Saturday, July 24, 2010

Best-sellers in July

Best-sellers in July as voted by Lush Shop's clients!

#1 Best-seller!!!

The best and most popular item sold in Lush Shop! Satisfied customers are recommending their friends and relatives to this wonderful miracle gel moisturizer suitable for all skin types, for any skin conditions.

 #2 Best-seller

This wonderful youth activating serum not only brings back the elasticity of your skin, it also brings back the glow and helps your moisturizer to work to its full potential.
Now available in Special edition 75ml.

#3 Best-seller

Agefight promises to revive your dull skin and lightens those ugly dark age spots caused by exposure to sun or hormonal changes. It also eases lines to give you an overall youthful & glowing complexion.

#4 Best-seller

Dr Ci Labo whitening line is gentle yet effective and Dr Ci Labo's loyal users can attest to that. This photo-white C paper sheet mask not only brightens up the skin, it also deeply hydrates the skin to help you maintain a clean, bright and plumped skin.
Reviews from clients include having to do less facials and masks after using this mask. When used once a week , it can help to  maintain the skin's natural moisture and brings out a natural glow deep within. It also gives you an instant beautiful glow which makes make up a breeze as you will not be needing to covery much. Make up lasts longer and skin does not dehydrate as easily in dry and air conditioned places.

#5 Best-seller

Dr Ci Labo Acneless line uses charcoal as its main ingredient, which is a natural ingredient to kill bacteria that causes blackhead/whitehead and pimples. It is gentle yet effective on stubborn & dirty pores which causes pimples & blackheads.
Dr Ci Labo acneless super gel is used after toner to eliminate the bacteria that causes pimples and adult acne. It is so gentle it does not dry up your skin which makes using wearing make-up difficult.
Safe & effective.

#6 Best-seller

Murad Sleep Reform, maximizes your skin's anti-aging potential while you sleep. This gives new meaning to 'beauty sleep' as when you wake up in the morning, you will find a more youthful you.

This works by boosting your collagen production and locking in moisture which will promote skin firmness. No more fine lines or wrinkles just by using this before your moisturizer before you sleep.

Users of this Sleep reform serum especially like it for it non oily , non transfer formula. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and in you will see great results after a few days of continued usage.

#7 Best-seller

My personal favorite and must-have! Lancome Genifique Eye, promises to plumped up the very thin skin around the eyes. Fine lines form easily around the eyes and if not 'rescued' quickly, it will be hard to get rid of. With constant application of eye make-up & removal, there will be a tendency to over tug the very delicate skin and the fine lines will give you a tired looking overall appearance.

Users of this Lancome eye cream/gel say they experience an uplifting appearance of the eyes and less sagginess. The gentle non oily formula gives you wonderful hydration without having to deal with the formation millia seeds.
#8 Best seller

Murad scalp treatment system is the only hair loss treatment you should try. It comes in colored- treated and Fine-thinning hair formulas. Use the shampoo, conditioner and massage the serum into scalp daily and ou will see a significant imrpovement in your scalp problems which causes hair loss.

Hair loss is common amongst people even in their 20's and it is no surprise there are many people seeking for the one treatment which delivers what it promises yet easy to use.

Positive reviews from users of this treatment says they like the mentholated, tingling feeling on the scalp and hair growth is seen within 2- 3 weeks. Hair and scalp becomes healthier.

#9 Best-seller

SK-II miracle water continues to delight women all over the world, promising moisture locking , diminishing fine lines and lightening the appearnace of pigmentation.

Fans of SK-II miracle water notice healthier skin which is resillient to environmental pollution which causes skin dryness and blemishes.

Special economical size 250ml is available once again!

#10 Best-seller

Get your perfect oval shaped face with Clarins Lift affline visage. Massage this serum into your skin daily to get the firmer and slimmer face. Say bye bye to chubby cheeks.

Users find saggy cheeks firmer and slimmer within 14 days of continued use.

Thank you to all the Lush Shop clients for all the wonderful and useful reviews. Keep them coming. There are many products which are equally good even if they are not featured on the best-sellers, so please share your reviews with the rest here to maybe see your favorite product on the best-seller soon!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 250ml is now available at Lush Shop!


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 250ml is back!

The perfect companion in the perfect size , that is what many fans of this SK-II Facial Treatment Essence tell me.

Retail Price 250ml : $229
Our Special price : $185
What's more? You get Free REGISTERED and local postage.

Limited Edition Lancome Genifique Youth Activator 75ml now available on Lush Shop! Limited stocks ONLY!

Back in Stock!!!
Limited Edition Lancome Genifique Youth Activator concentrate 75ml now available for reservation at Lush Shop at an unbelievable & unbeatable price!
Limited stocks ONLY!

Launching on July 23rd 2010, and already fans of Lancome Genifique Youth Activator Concentrate have placed orders to be the first to get their hands on this special limited edition 75ml size. If you have done your math correctly, this 75ml edition which is priced at $245 is only $30 more than the 50ml one which costs $215. And you know you get a much better price at Lush Shop of almost 30% off retail! 

Order now and get your Special Limited Edition before they are sold out!

Special Limited Edition Retail Price 75ml : $245
Lush Shop's Special Price : $192
What's more? You only pay $1 for postage and you get an upgrade of registered post ($2.24).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Best-sellers in June as voted by Lush Shop's clients.

Best-sellers in June and what some have to say about them!

BEST-SELLER #1 Again!!!

The most recommended important skincare product in your daily skincare regime! MUST HAVE!

Clients' reviews :

 Chloe, a 23yo undergrad, who suffered from breakouts, open pores and dry, rough skin. After using the Aqua collagen gel ( full acneless line too) , Chloe, no longer suffers from excessive sebum secretion. Her dehydrated skin (surface) is well moisturised and make-up stays longer now. After using for over 2 weeks, she realised that her breakouts are less frequent as skin seems to be stronger and has a healthy glow.

Christine, 31yo boutique owner, has very sensitive skin which is proned to breakouts caused by clogged pores when using new products, was introduced Dr Ci Labo's Aqua collagen gel by me as I guaranteed it is so mild yet effective for the most sensitive and delicate skin. She took my advice and now tells me she has flawless looking skin which glows. In her own words, ' this is the best moisturizer I have ever used!' Christine also tells me her make-up is much easier to apply and stays on for the whole day. She also noticed her skin does not look tired or unhealthy now. She has recommended her cousins & friends to this product.

Other customer's reviews of using this products are : Pores becoming smaller, skin is less oily ( as the sebum oil gland is not over-productive like before), old acne scars fade off, make-up stays on for longer & overall skin glow.
This Dr Ci Labo Best-seller flies off the shelf each time a shipment arrives!!!

Rid those lines around the eyes!

 Clients' reviews :

Wandy, 37yo customer service manager, has irregular sleeping pattern which leaves her with tired looking eyes surrounded by fine lines. She has used several other expensive brands of eye treatment gel/cream, but to no avail. I recommended her to try Lancome Genfique Yeux and we met up after 3 weeks after she started on it, and I was delighted to see her looking younger and brighter. Skin looked more taut and fine lines less visible. Wandy tells me her eye make-up seems to last longer too!

Karen, 27yo flight attendant, needs an eye treatment gel to be effective to get rid of the fine lines that have formed recently and also a gel that is not too oily which can cause millia seeds under the eyes. Karen had an experience with an eye cream too rich for her which needed them to be extracted painfully with needles at the beautician. I assured her this Genfique Yeux is effective for her concerns yet mild enough for sensitive skin users. In less than 2 weeks, she has seen significant improvements and have since introduced her colleagues and friends about this products.

This best-seller has been ordered daily in dozens in Lush Shop.

Dr Ci Labo Super Washing Foam Ex

Clients' reviews :
Yun, 29yo retail manager, has normal combination skin which clogs easily and has open pores. She has used many oil controlling facial wash, but found them too harsh as they tend to strip off all moisture which leaves the feeling of tightness and dryness. Along with the Aqua collagen gel & Lancome Genfique Yeux which she uses after cleansing, she feels her face is not as oily and notices her pores diminishing without the feeling of tightness. 

My personal Favorite!

Janice, early 30's who is working in the media industry, was introduced to Agefight when it was launched and has since ordered over half a dozen of bottles with Lush Shop. She shares this wonderful product with her friends and colleagues after not only seeing the effective results by herself, but also from frequent compliments from people around her on her glowing fair skin.
Janice has been trying to find a good repair treatment for the age spots which have started to developed around her cheeks. As she is fair skinned, they are easily spotted. She also had a problem with sensitive skin that does not react well with many whitening products which caused her skin rash or breakouts. Janice used to suffer from uneven skin tone which lack the glow. She have tried diamond-peels ( which caused her skin to breakout due to sensitivity), and many other expensive facial treatements but those were so time consuming and expensive.
  After 1 bottle of the agefight, she notices her skin becoming brighter and healthier. Now she does not need to conceal those age spots with concealer anymore.

So far, all the clients who have used this Agefight serum have made this a staple in their skincare regime. This is used after toner and before moisturizer.


MURAD SCALP TREATMENT SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER & SERUM ( for fine thinning normal hair or color treated thinning hair)

Kimberly, mother of 2 boys in her 30's, have thinning hair after her 2nd son 18months ago and after reading my review on another mother who faced suffered excessive hairloss decided to try this full system treatment.
She is happy to update me on her progress after using them religiously for 4weeks now. Her itchy scalp no longer bothers her and the balding patch at her hair parting seems to be covered by short and growing hair. Her limp hair has more volume now and she tells me she is confident that her hair will now be able to grow to a longer hair length as she always wanted but could not due to too much hair loss in the past. Upon seeing her progress, her husband is also now using the scalp treatment.

Other clients' reviews are
-that the scalp does not get oily so easily
-limp hair becomes much fuller
-less hair loss after continuous usage
-hair is healthy and not dry

LANCOME Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask

Jaslyn, 28yo flight attendant, has old acne scars, dull and dehydrated skin. Her hours are irregular and also travelling to different climates and time-zones have caused her skin a lot of damage. Fortunately, the damage is reversible. Jaslyn needs an instant face brightener which will also help repair and give her back her skin's radiance. This mask locks moisture so it ensures her make-up stays on even in the harsh & dry cabin air.
As this mask is quick and convenient to use, she uses one almost after every flight to replenish the moisture and bring back the glow to her skin.

My mom, who is 63 loves this mask so much after using just one. The pigmentation on her cheeks have lightened and the overall face is glowing. I kid you not when I say she is 63, and is almost lines-free and wrinkle-free.

Murad Sleep Reform Serum

Clients : Husband & Wife Josh & Elaine in their 30's, both love Murad's Sleep reform serum because it is fuss-free and the results are instant and longlasting.
Josh : I want fuss free and want to wake up looking fresh and wrinkle free ( lines around the eyes especially) and Elaine promised me this works so well I will be glad I spent the extra 2 minutes a night applying it on my face. I am glad I did!Now I wake up looking like a million bucks even if I had less than 5 hours of sleep.
Elaine : I have tried so many sleep moisture kind of products and they are always so sticky that I can't seem to rest well as I am afraid of tossing around in bed. I want something which will remove my wrinkles, hydrate my skin and give me a brighter healthy glow.
I love Murad Sleep reform as it really moisturises but it is quickly absorbed into skin so does not leave any sticky residue. My skin feels softer, brighter and wrinkle-free after only few days of using. I love this glow on my skin now which I never had before! Recommend this to anyone and everyone out there!

Lancome Genifique Youth activator Concentrate

One of my best-sellers ever since I started Lush Shop! It has been one of the most often ordered product by clients. There are too many clients to quote so I will sum up the reviews from them.
Clients' problems :
-Brown Pigmentation from post pregnancy. Problem for more than 10 years and have tried doctor's treatments and many products. After using Lancome genifique for 7 days, Pigmentation has lightened Significantly and there is no need to use concealers to hide this flaw anymore.
- Skin looks tired and sallow. After using product for a few days, skin is much brighter and softer. Skin has a much clearer and luminous glow.
- Skin is dry and make up is difficult to apply. By mid day, make-up looks cakey and patchy. After using product, make-up goes on easier and last through the day as skin is hydrated and soft to the touch.
- Old acne scars and agespots lighten after just a few days of using.

Dr Ci Labo Acneless Super Gel

Client : Lydia, 26yo Make-up artist, has adult acne. She never had any acne problem in her teenage years and have recently been hit with adult acne. It started with small blemishes around her chin and then her t-zone got oilier than before. As looking good is important for her image as a make-up artist, she needed something that is effective yet does not dry up her skin to such extent that she cannot wear make-up out. She tried strong acne treatments which did dry up the blemishes but it did not treat the root of the problem.
I recommended her the acneless line which feels mild as it does not have any tingling or stinging feeling as with most acne treatment. Very quickly, within 2 weeks, she noticed her face was getting clearer and less oily. There were no fresh pimples popping out and there was no problem with dry skin at all.
Now she recommends the acneless line to her clients too!
Lydia has been the acneless line for 3 months now and has healthy clear skin. She uses the acneless soap, acneless super gel, acneless moisture gel ( day), aqual collagen gel ( night) & acneless spotspack.

Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur
Best 3-in-1 Express cleansing water for eye & face make-up & toner.
Suitable for all skin , even sensitive skin.

I have been using this since my airline days. This is one product that I cannot live without.
It is so gentle and removes all traces of make-up in 1 swipe of the cotton pad.

Client : Ann, 36yo hotel guest relations officer, used to suffer from small blemishes all over her face. The small bumps were caused by insufficient removal of make-up which clogs the pores. A facial visit would mean painful extractions as her attempts at using face scrub did not help. I shared my cleansing routine which is to remove eye make-up with Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur with a cotton pad first, then followed by a make-up cleansing gel/milk, wash with facial cleanser and finish up by using Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur all over face, eyes and neck to remove any left over make-up traces.
Within days, Ann saw a great difference as her face did not have the small bumps and blemishes like before. Instead she now has clearer and smoother skin.

Removal of make-up is a very important part of any skincare regime. Take a little more time each evening to make sure you go to bed with totally cleansed skin as most clogged or dirty pores start from improper or insufficient cleansing.