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Dr Ci Labo Super Sensitive Line

Dr Ci Labo Super Sensitive Line

A veil of moisture protects your skin's barrier function.

Dr. Ci: Labo uses an "ATP complex*" created from a unique blend of Japanese and Chinese plant extracts to gently promote the barrier function of delicate skin and help it function normally. This complex protects vulnerable skin from irritation and dryness during and after washing.

Minimal irritation of delicate skin.
Ingredients that could irritate your skin have been minimized and a combination of barrier function-protecting ceramides and conditioning vitamin H has been added.

This special line is created for people who have super delicate and sensitive skin. This range is especially good for people who have known allergies to Royal Jelly, which is an ingredient in its original Aqua Collagen Gel. All the goodness in the Basic Line is found in the Sensitive Line too, except that it has been made for those with such gentle and delicate skin.

Cleansing Gel
Cleansing Gel Super Sensitive is a gel designed to quickly remove makeup, dead skin, and dirt from pores with minimal friction and irritation to your skin.

Moist, healthy skin thanks to a combination of Japanese and Chinese plant extracts.

120g Retail Price : $46
LushShop's Special : $41.50

Washing Foam

Washing Foam Super Sensitive contains micro bubbles that gently cleanse your face without putting an undue burden on delicate skin. The smooth, highly concentrated foam envelops dirt and lifts it away with minimal irritation to your skin. 

100g Retail Price : $43
LushShop's special : $39


Aqua Collagen-gel Super sensitive

A mild, moisturizing gel for 'sensitive' skin

"Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Sensitive" protects the barrier function of delicate skin while ensuring that it is extremely moist and supple yet firm. This mild, moisturizing gel gently supports your skin's natural ability to stay beautiful and healthy and is particularly recommended for people with sensitive skin. It is based on four types of ceramides which hold moisture in the keratin layer, promote your skin's barrier function and protect it from external irritants; furthermore, Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Sensitive contains an "ATP complex" created from a unique combination of extracts formulated by Dr. Ci: Labo from plants native to Japan and China. Vitamin H and P are added to help protect sensitive, delicate skin from seasonal and environmental changes, dryness, etc.

Simple care that doesn't burden your skin.

Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Sensitive is a moisturizing gel for sensitive skin that does for your skin in one step what normally requires five.

Four points of Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Sensitive

Intercellular lipids are a gelatinous substance essential to skin moisture and barrier function. In order to assist with moisture retention and to penetrate into the skin and blend with the intercellular lipids, Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Sensitive is also made into a gel. Its mild combination of ingredients provides long-lasting moisture retention and protection for cells, keeping you skin smooth and moist.

4 types of 'ceramide'

Combines four different types of ceramide

ATP complex

Dr. Ci: Labo's unique combination of extracts from plants native to Japan and China

Vitamin H, Vitamin PBeauty vitamins for healthy skin

High concentrations of carefully selected beautifying ingredients that are gentle on your skin.

Four types of ceramide (the essential ingredient within you intercellular lipids which keeps moisture in your skin from evaporating away) are combined carefully and precisely to form a base which preserves the moisture and health of your skin.

ATP Complex (Japanese and Chinese plant combination extract)

Dr. Ci: Labo employs its own unique technology to combine extracts from various plants native to Japan and China which assist your skin's natural ability to be beautiful and healthy. This complex gently promotes the barrier function of sensitive skin to help it function in a more normal fashion.

Dong dang gui extract

gently moisturizes skin troubled by dryness

Pueraria Root extract

moisturizes and softens skin and preserves its firmness and elasticity.

Kuma-zasa extract

keeps moisture from escaping your skin.

Perilla extract

gently moisturizes skin troubled by dryness.

Chinese peonyhelps troubled skin achieve more normal functioning.

Japanese Gold Thread extract

helps troubled skin achieve more normal functioning.Vitamin H (biotin), vitamin P (glucosyl hesperidin)

A combination of Vitamin H (biotin), which helps delicate, trouble-prone skin achieve normal functioning, and Vitamin P (glucosyl hesperidin), which helps preserve your skin in healthy condition.

50g Retail Price : $62
LushShop's Special : $56
120g Retail Price : $123
LushShop's Special : $111
UV & White Sensitive Milk SPF20
Protection Milk Super Sensitive is a sun block that cuts UV A and B rays while protecting the barrier function of delicate skin to promote its healthy functioning. It is based on four types of ceramides which provide moisture to your skin, protect it from external irritants, and promote your skin's natural barrier function; furthermore, It contains an "ATP complex*" created from plants native to Japan and China. Vitamin H and P are also added to help maintain your skin in healthy condition. It goes on smoothly and simply, makes a perfect foundation, and can be used year-round.

Minimal irritation of delicate skin.

Ingredients that could irritate delicate skin have been minimized, and a UV blocker that doesn't burden your skin has been adopted.

*Dong dang gui extract, pueraria root extract, kuma-zasa extract, perilla extract, Chinese peony, Japanese Gold Thread extract

30ml Retail Price : $46
LushShop's Special : $41.50

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Best-Sellers October! Customers' choice!

Best-Sellers! Lush Shop's clients rate their favorite skincare Products!


Dr Ci Labo Aqua-Collage-Gel
The best-selling and most popular item on LushShop. We have lost count on how many tubs we have sold since its debut on LushShop. The Dr Ci Labo experience is not complete is you have not tried this.
For more information :


Dr Ci Labo Basic Line Washing Foam Ex
A gentle washing foam that removes dirt and grime without the tight-feeling on skin. Reviews by LushShop Clients on this hot favorite are :
1) Pores feel cleaner after 3 days of using.
2) No more sudden breakouts
3) Skin stays oil-free for longer
4) Suitable even for sensitive skin.

No wonder clients are snapping this up and each order comes in multiples.
Users ( ladies with make-up) will remove make-up with Cleansing Ex, a gentle make-up remover,  before cleansing with Washing Foam Ex.

For more information : Read more


Lancome Blanc Expert GN- White Agefight

I realised that the Blanc-expert range not only whitens, it also gives you an more youthful overall experience. Many of my clients who swear by Agefight will tell you that they have sensitive skin which breakouts easily from whitening products. Agefight not only whitens, but it gives you that brightening glow.
Users also like the Spot Eraser which is highly effective on stubborn , older and darker spots.
Regular use of LANCOME Ultimate Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask   ( read more on mask) nourishes and softens skin to help in delivery whitening ingredients. This intensive treatment if used regularly along with other Blanc expert will deliver smooth, fair and glowing skin. 

For more information : Read more



Blanc Expert Ultimate whitening Anti-spot Anti-dark cirlces Eye Serum
My Personal Favorite!!! It is truly a 2-in-1. Lightens your dark circles and tightens the skin around the eyes giving you a youthful and brighter appearance! A must-have.
For more information : Read more
Murad Professional Scalp Treatment Shampoo, Conditioner & Serum. Against Hairloss

More and more people are suffering from hairloss problems at an earlier age. Stress, poor hygiene, hormonal changes, diet, illness, pollutants are the few common reasons why. We need to prevent further hairloss before it is too late. In order to do so, we would need to rebuild healthy scalp to insure a healthy environment for healthy hair to grow in. 

For more information : Read more


Lancome Genifique concentrate
Many of my clients have taken the 7-day challenge and are amazed with the results. Popular for skin regeneration and boosting skin activity resulting in healthy and youthful skin.
For more information : Read more


Dr Ci Labo Acneless series
There are many out there who are suffering from adult acne/pimple problems than we really know. Acne does not just affect prepubescent teens, many suffer this condition throughout their lives with scars that never go away or even more discomforting for those who had never experienced breakouts till their late 20's or older. Many acne clearing products in the market target zapping out oil which is the culprit for causing dirty pores. Many, like myself, have sensitive skin which are not suitable for such strong treatment. I have found this Acneless series to be so gentle yet so effective in cleaning out the pores, eventually leading to no sudden breakouts and clearer skin. The Spotpack is like an emergency mask when you do get that annoying red inflammed bump. Just leave it on for a few minutes and peel it off before applying the wonderful Super acneless gel and acneless moisturizer.
For more information : Read more

Charm Professional Make-up Brushes
We love Charm Brushes for the high quality but super affordable brushes. The signature pink handles is also one reason for its fans all over asia. Fans include Tv personalities, make-up artists, make-up aficionados, to name a few.
As these brushes are developed by famous beauty blogger cum Make-up artist behind, you are really paying a fraction for what you would get from other big Make-up brands.
Recently released Charm Professional Black series is something to look out for.
For more information : Read more


Dr Ci Labo Whitening products

If you are seeking for a whitening range of products which will do its job well without risking a breakout, Dr CiLabo is the answer. Being a fair beauty is not just being out of the sun, you need lighten age spots, pigmentation and old scars and to prevent them from resurfacing.

Super White 377 is highly effective on lightening dark spots and is one the biggest seller in Asia. The Photowhite C face mask is an intensive whitening treatment that not only brightens up your face in an instant, it keeps your skin properly hyydrated for many days. Used before a make-up session, it prepares skin for make-up base to glide on and stay on longer.

Everyone needs a good exfoliating treatment. We can choose expensive chemical peels, peels by machine ( crystal or diamond peel) or facial scrubs. It is important to exfoliate to remove dead skincells from causing clogged and dull skin. After using Pore White Peel, many clients who have voted this item have fewer incidences of Breakouts. Pores are cleaner resulting in a healthy pink glow.

For more information : Read more
                                 : Read more


Lancome Teint Miracle

The never-ending search for the perfect foundation. One that suits our humid climate in Singapore or dry cold weather in London? I have personally tested the latest miracle foundation on myself in Singapore and I must say it really stays on. No streaking even when I perspire on my outdoor shoots, and the natural glow you get from the foundation promises you will not look like you actually have make-up on. It looks like you have perfect skin!
My clients who have tested this when they travel overseas for work in cold dry weather, tell me that the high water content (40% water) and rose essence continues to hydrate their skin which gives the user comfort in wearing the foundation while giving skincare benefits. The super dry cabin air in the aircraft does not worry the frequent travellers anymore as there are claims from my clients that  their skin still look dewy after an 8-12 hour flight.

 Being a Make-up Artist myself, I strongly emphasize on the importance of a good base. Once the skin is prepared correctly , whether it is the shade or application, your make-up will last and last for even as long as 24hours.

The Corrector pen is also a marvellous multi-tasker. You can contour, highlight and camouflage with this pen. Armed with this two wonderful 'AURA' base make-up, everyone can look like a Star.


For more information : Read more

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Lancome Teint Miracle

Lush Shop recommends Lancome Teint Miracle

See your skin lit-from within
Teint Miracle Foundation

Teint Miracle is the 1st foundation that is a Natural Light Creator that gives Bare Skin Perfection. It boosts skin’s surface radiance and reproduces inner light, resulting in perfectly natural and sublimely nude complexion. Enriched with almost 40% of water (v.s. an averageof 20%) and natural softening Rose extracts, it melts into skin to provide 18-hour hydration. It has 10 times less powders, for weightless perfection and SPF 16 for UV protection. Complexion appears lit from within with a healthy glow. Spectacular results: Skin looks supple and luminous, yet non-shiny.

 Research has demonstrated that light is not only reflected on the surface. It is also re-emitted from deep within the skin. This is in SKIN’S INNER LIGHT. It is believed that 5% is reflected but 95% penetrates skin (epidermis and dermis) and which 55% is absorbed and 40% is re-emitted at the surface.

When light penetrates skin, it will transforms into a pinkish radiance because melanin and haemoglobin absorb mainly blue colours. Factors such as fatigue, dryness and aging occur, surface radiance is minimized, because light cannot reflect as well on an irregular texture. Inner light loses both intensity and purity as it is absorbed more by melanin, especially the bluish components.

Lush Shop : It took 10 years to research and 7 patents pending, Lancome boasts teint miracle is the 1st foundation to be able to recreate the 'aura' of natural looking perfect skin. The pink bioptic pigment found in Teint Miracle helps the skin emit more pink light giving your complexion a natural glow. The blue bioptic pigment to emit more bluish light that helps the skin look fresh and more pristine.

Teint Miracle contains the essence of light which is 5 times smaller than traditional mother of pearl, helps to maximize skin’s surface radiance without creating shiny finish.

As a make-up artist , I know that to create a base is almost the most important part of make-up. It is like creating the perfect canvas before you should start thinking of make up of the eyes, lips, etc.
Gone are the days where we should accept cakey, 'powdered' bases. Many of my make-up clients tell me that they can wear my make-up for 18 hours and the make-up is still as good as when I have just applied for them. Especially in our humid climate, it is hard for the foundation to stay on for long.

Teint Miracle is WATER-BASED. It is non-oily and non-comodegenic and contains 40% pure water (as opposed to 20% water component in other foundations). It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin, thanks to Rose extract and glycerin  which benefit the skin. It is so easy to apply with its smooth texture and boy, does it stay on.

I still see many people with heavy make-up. By heavy I mean people would know that you have piled on layers and layers of foundation and powders. Teint Miracle gives you great coverage without the feeling like you are wearing a mask, because there are 10 times less powder fillers as compared to traditional foundation.

The most frustrating thing most of us go through while looking for the perfect foundation, would be looking for the perfect shade ,especially for Asian skintones. Teint Miracle which is available in Asia is manufactured in Japan and is especially catered for the us. Asian skin usually has a yellow undertone but you may have a slight pinkish tones. Great news for us, Teint Miracle has 7 shades which cater to a wide variety of skin tones.

There is SPF 16PA++ so you will never be worried of the harmful rays even if you forget or skip your sunscreen.

30ml Retail Price : $66
LushShop's Special : $53

Teint Miracle Multi-Lights Perfecting Corrector Pen

Formulated with the same AURA-inside technology, the sleek click-pen dispenses the highlighter which is used to brighten areas like the cheekbones, camouflage dark eye circles, enhances the bridge of the nose and outlines lips for a pouty look. So you are really getting 1 corrector pen which can do 3 things, enhance, conceal & contour. Comes in 3 shades ( fair, dark, medium)

Dermatologically and opthalmologically tested. Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

Retail Price : $56
LushShop's special : $48

Please order with correct shade number as we have a no exchange policy. You may like to check out your suitable shade at the counters. Thank you.

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October's Recommendations! Latest!!!

Lush Shop is re-opened after a short break and I am back with new reviews of products for my very loyal readers and supporters. During this break, some of you might know I was in the states and Taipei. The harsh dry air in the airplane made my skin break out a little but all thanks to the huge jar of Dr Ci Labo's Aqua collagen gel , after one thick application before bed whenever I arrive at the hotels after flights, made my skin soft again and bringing the open pores back to normal again when I get up in the mornings. I shared this with one of my travelling companion during this trip and she has since become a convert to Dr Ci Labo's Aqua collagen gel!

Ok, I am sure many of you here who has started using the highly recommended Dr Ci Labo's Aqua Collagen Gel already knows how good it is. For those who are new here , you might refer my past posts check Dr Ci Labo here 1 and check Dr Ci Labo here 2. So I shall not talk about the same thing here on a new post.

Instead, I would like to share a few other products which I have only recently got acquainted with as I do not like to mix too many products at one time, if not it is hard to tell what or which ones are working for or against me.

These products are HUGE in Taipei. And when I say huge, I mean they are everywhere. On tv advertisements, being promoted by skin therapists on tv and they can be found at the upper class department stores. I had a good chat with their skin specialists and was told that these two products which I am about to share with you has been selling like hot cakes. We will soon find out how the taiwanese, like the Japanese, have soft, glowing white skin.

Here I present to you
Super White 377

A new brightening serum that offers outstanding whitening power with total gentleness to the skin.

'Dark spots' get darker and larger and they increase in numbers as the skin ages.When the skin is affected by environmental irritants as well as internal factors such as aging and hormonal changes. Dark spots appear when melanin pigment cannot be eliminated due to lack of normal skin renewal turnover (shedding of dead skin cells).

White 377 is a new brightening ingredient developed based on the polyphenol substance found in the European Red Pine, an evergreen coniferous tree together with 5 different whitening ingredients . White 377's power to inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme activity is 2,100 times that of hydroquinone, 7,000 times that of arbutin and 2,400 times that of either kojic acid or ascorbic acid sodium salt. It is unique that it barely irritates the skin while provides amazing brightening power.

*Tyrosinase activity inhibition test

The inhibtion of the tyrosinase enzyme activity was measured in the test. A greater clarity indicates greater power to suppress melanin production.

Lush Shop's review : Dark spots around my cheeks and nose area lightened after 14days of use.  Looks like I just had a diamond peel facial session at the salon. It is non-irritating and my super sensitive skin did not break out from using this ( I tend to break out whenever I use any whitening products). My face looks brighter as the overall skintone is lightened.

18g Retail Price : $68
Lush Shop's special : $62

 Pore White Peel

 Pore White Peel combines citric acids and lactic acids to remove excess buildups of keratin on your epidermis. As you massage this gel onto your face it envelops your skin to lift off and remove keratin and dirt that does not come off with regular face washing. By removing layers of dead skin, you refresh your face and allow its normal cycle to continue unimpeded.

Contains a rich combination of beautifying vitamins to improve your skin's tone and to make your pores less noticeable.

Pore White Peel contains a rich combination of beautifying ingredients, including vitamin A and P for improving your skin's tone, vitamin H for preventing roughness, and VC-IP* (oil-soluble vitamin C derivative).

Lush Shop's Review: Many people I have spoken to are not sure why or who needs a peel. In fact, everyone would benefit from a peel. If we do not remove the dead skin cells that are build up, then that is where pores get clogged, and the horrible breakout follows. That being said, we do not need to spend hundreds and hundreds at the doctors to get chemical peel every now and then, not to mention about the downtime. My top pick for a gentle exfoliating massage gel would be this Pore White Peel.
It is so gentle that you do not feel any tightening of skin or a sudden breakout from harsh scrubs. This is really a mild chemical peel which is easy to use , inexpensive and can be used in the comfort of your home. It works by gently lifting the dirt and dead cells that are not removed by regular washing and the numerous vitamins found in the ingredients improves skin tones.

A must-have for those who like me, have avoided peels before. My pores now seem less noticeable without worrying about having a breakout from harsh exfoliating product. 

80ml Retail Price : $85
Lush Shop's special : $77

3D- Deep Botolium

The wrinkles and lines give your skin a visibly older appearance. Our three-dimensional approach to softening and reducing the wrinkles and lines on your face is "3D-Deep Botolium" - a topically applied anti-ageing treatment. This cutting-edge skin care relaxes your expression lines to give your skin elasticity and a youthful feel all day long.

Three-dimensional permeation into your face's lines and wrinkles with a combination of 30% Botox alternatives and retinol.

Three Botox alternatives*1 make up 30% of 3D-Deep Botolium (the highest level in the beauty industry) to relax expression lines around trouble spots, such as the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the mouth, and thereby reduce the prominence of lines and wrinkles. Deep lines are reduced to help you achieve a natural, youthful look. Furthermore, three types of retinol*2 work on shallow facial lines.

Directions : After skin has been cleansed and moisturized, apply 3D-Deep botolium on affeced areas or all over.  Apply by using a small amout on the tip of your finger and lightly tapping it against any wrinles or problem areas. When applying it to your entire face, spread it using the tips of your fingers.

Lush Shop's Review :  It feels like slowly injecting botox in your skin daily without actually having to go through the injecting process. Crow's feet and smile lines disappear quickly in a few days after using.

18g Retail Price : $106
Lush Shop's special : $97

 3D-Deep Botolium Eye Sheet
"3D-Deep Botolium Eye Sheet" contains special sheets for the skin beneath your eyes, providing complex, anti-ageing care for those signs of age that you currently have to use makeup to hide. The gel inside each sheet includes a rich combination of beautifying ingredients to give the skin underneath your eyes a youthful appearance.

Treat the lines and furrows of age underneath your eyes to give your skin a firm, fresh appearance.

3D-Deep Botolium Eye Sheet is combined with palmitoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein to keep lines and furrows from developing in the skin beneath your eyes. It works on your expression lines and increases your skin's density. In addition, organogermanium and tourmaline are added to improve blood circulation and keep "bags" from forming underneath your eyes.

Lush Shop's Review : A must-have for all you party animals! Or for anyone who faces the computer screen daily or sleeps late. I can see a very drastic improvement in my eye bags and fine lines from sleeping late, staring at the computer screen, etc. Now I look much more refreshed without the heavy bags hanging.
8 pairs Retails Price : $62
Lush Shop's Price : $56

Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally Arrived! Pro Make-up tools made by make-up artist for make-up professionals and aficionado!

Unveiling the masterpiece from Charm
The MUST-HAVE for every professional and make-up addicts.

Housed in beautiful and sleek brush roll

Full set of 21

Close-up 1

Close -up 2

Close-up 3

It's about time.

Beauty & Minerals’ signature makeup brush brand Charm has been giving you beautiful, quality, and affordable makeup brushes for the past three years, and is introducing something new! Something brilliant, something professional.

Introducing, the Charm PRO Makeup Brush line. Professional makeup brushes for makeup artist, for the ultimate makeup lover.


For the first time, Charm has created a black makeup brush set, opting for minimalism, as it is the standard color for professional makeup artists. Savor in the sleek black color of our new set. Black is elegant. Black is beautiful.


Our brushes are made of the finest animal and synthetic hair. Guaranteed soft, but efficient enough to pick up enough product for your professional makeup application.

The Charm Makeup Brush Set features 21 pcs. of professional makeup brushes perfect to bring along with you in makeup school, during your makeup gigs, or as a part of your makeup brush collection. These brushes are designed for advanced users who would want to create looks beyond basic. Create an endless array of makeup looks with the Charm Pro Makeup Brushes!


We give you 21 pcs. of professional makeup brushes that we deem complete for doing makeup. No more, no less.Take it from us.

The Charm PRO Makeup Brush Set is composed of 21 professional quality makeup brushes, with a brush roll for storage.

The Charm PRO Makeup Brush Set includes :

1. Dual Fibre Brush

2. Large Powder Brush

3. Small Powder/Blush Brush

4. Foundation Brush

5. Angled Contour Brush

6. Concealer Brush

7. Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush

8. Eye Shader Brush

9. Tapered Blending Brush

10. Angled Shading Brush

11. Pencil Point Brush

12. Precise Crease Blending Brush

13. Flat Liner Brush

14. Precise Concealer Brush

15. Angled Liner/Brow Brush

16. Bent Liner Brush

17. Eyebrow Defining Brush

18. Mini Fan Brush

19. Brow Spoolie/Lash Brush

20. Fan Brush

21. Retractable Lip Brush 

Lush Shop's recommends Charm Pro Make-up brushes!

Being a Make-up Artist myself, I am very particular and careful with my tools. I have spent too much and am still shopping for make-up brushes since I need many sets for my hectic schedule. For those who have bought and collected brushes from scratch to make up a good working set would know what I mean by how expensive they can be. We are talking about 300-500 hundred dollars for a basic set of 10-12 brushes.

Many will argue that it is the skills that make the artist, but without good quality work tools, it is sometimes not possible to bring out the best of what the artist has intended to create.

Once again, Charm is being true to its name bringing us good quality animal and synthetic brushes at such low and affordable price, with quality tools which have been carefully designed by Professionals for Professionals. The professional black and sleek looking pro line not only looks good, it also allows the make-up artist to work his/her magic with precision and ease as the brushes not only picks up pigments well, the brushes are also soft and gentle. Even at such an unbelievable low price, Charm guarantees quality is never compromised!

Now available in Singapore ONLY from Lush Shop

**Charm PRO Makeup Brush full set at $128 only.**

Limited sets available now. Pay $2 for postage and you will get FREE registered mail upgrade.

***SOLD OUT***
Please pre-order for next shipment now!
If you prefer the trademark pink Charm brushes and want something professional yet compact enough to bring around, you will love Charm Travel Pro V2.

With your warm welcome of our Charm Travel Pro Set two years ago, it is now back, better than ever!
Get spoiled with our new, luxurious Charm Travel Pro, as your take-me-with-you-anywhere brush set promising professional results.

Our new Charm Travel Pro dares to impress you, upping the notch in terms of bristle softness, and overall brush quality.

The minimalist feel of the past Charm Travel Pro has been shed off, and changed into that textured pink case that imparts vibes of beauty, and confidence!

A pleasant blend of the softest animal hair, and synthetic hair brushes, fit for their own uses, the Charm Travel Pro Brush Set makes sure you never have to scrimp on your essentials even if you're a girl always on the go!

Featuring twelve outstanding makeup brushes that ensure only the best performance not only for mineral makeup, but also for traditional makeup as well !

Featuring twelve outstanding brushes for your professional results anytime, anywhere!

1. Dual Fibre Brush

2. Powder Brush

3. Angled Blush Brush

4. Jumbo Concealer Brush

5. Multi-purpose Eyeshadow and Blending Brush

6. Pencil Point Brush

7. Contour Eye/Nose Brush

8. Flat Liner Brush

9. Angled Liner Brush ( for eyebrows and eyeliner )

10. Pointed Eyeliner Brush

11. Brow Spoolie Brush

12. Retractable Lip Brush

Get your very cute Charm Travel Pro Set, and be ensured of having a complete makeup brush collection that you can bring with you anywhere! You never have to scrimp on luggage space with this travel-friendly beauty!

**Available in Singapore Only from Lush Shop at $72 only.**

Text and photos courtesy of  beauty and minerals
Limited sets available now. Pay $2 for postage and you will get FREE registered mail upgrade.