Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dr Ci Labo Aqua-In-Derm DN Essence

Pre-moisturiser BOOSTER!!!

An "Induction Essence" assists with "Penetration" and "effectiveness" to mazmize cosmetic effects to follow.

Removes dead skin cells

Softenes keratin layer

Helps create paths for pemeatration of ingredients to follow

Even the highest grade ingredients cannot produce their effects unless they can reach deep layer of the skin.
Aqua-In-Derm DN-Essence can temporarily loosen the surface barrier that interferes beauty ingredients’ penetration, and deliver them to the deep skin layer.Just apply the Essence gently over the face before your skincare routine; it conditions your skin ready to accept beauty ingredients contained in lotion and cream.

This simple step enables your skin to feel more effects of skincare.

Technologically passing through skin barriers and generating paths for ingredients penetration.

"Ultrapure water", the purest water possible, was chosen to bring out the best intrinsic effects of cosmetics. Unique "e-moment System" that facilitates smoothly ingredient penetration, together with In-Derm Force that temporarily looses the surface barrier by exfoliating dead cells and securing paths for penetration can introduce beauty ingredients into deep skin.

Application : Apply on cleansed face before use of Dr Ci Labo Aqua Collagen Gel Super moisture to make sure you will reap more benefits of your moisturiser!

Lushshop's review : I use the in-derm dn essence along with my Aqua Collagen Gel Super moisture and I can feel my skin soaking in the benefits of my moisturiser. This makes sure that my moisturiser works even more effectively as is first removes away the dry & dead skin and prepares skin for deeper penetration for moisturiser.

50ml Retail Price : $90
Our Discounted Price : $81

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whitening line from Dr Ci Labo. Photo White C

It all started from the determination of Dr Shirono to cure the common skin problems which his patients used to see him for. They were acne problems, eczema, skin pigmentation & wrinkles. He invested a long period of time in research and clinical trials and successfully created this real skin care product.

As the No.1 Medical Cosmetics and the specialist in skin care, Dr. Ci:Labo is always developing exciting and effective new products for a broad range of skin care needs, while strict quality control is applied to every detail utilizing the special quality management system. The research staff at Dr. Ci: Labo works day and night to help you maintain consistently glowing skin in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.

And Lushshop brings you the most effective yet gentle Whitening Line from Dr Ci Labo, Photo White C.

Photo-White-C Whitening Lotion

Ultrafine particles of soluble Vitamin C deliver full of moisture deep into the skin.

Developed with Japan’s latest nanotechnology, this citrus scented toner greatly enhances the brightening effect of A Mosturizing Cream.
Photo-White-C Whitening Lotion soaks deep into your skin to provide it with plenty of moisture and to help ensure that your skin has an even tone. When Photo-White-C Laser Plus is applied afterwards, This Lotion acts as a foundation which enhances the action of the brightening ingredients and helps your skin achieve even greater smoothness and brightness.

Beautifying ingredients such as VC-IP* (oil-soluble vitamin C derivative) and Photo-White-C Complex (containing six varieties of plant-derived extract) are combined with nanotechnology* to allow them to smoothly penetrate deep into your skin, suppress melanin production, and prevent blemishes and freckles.
180ml Retail Price : $59
Our Discounted Price : $53 

Photo-White-C Laser Plus (whitening moisturiser)
Photo-White-CLaser Plus contains a full 20% of the brightening ingredient VC-IP* (oil-soluble vitamin C derivative), which can easily penetrate skin. Furthermore thanks to the action of time-release polyolprepolymers, the ingredients are delivered gradually to every part of your skin to give it long-lasting firmness and luster. It goes on smoothly, spreads well and refreshes you with the scent of lime and grapefruit. It shrinks pores and smoothes out rough skin, enhancing its natural translucence.

Intermittent release of brightening ingredients to provide powerful support for making your skin more translucent and your pores smaller.
Photo-White-C Laser Plus contains such as VC-IP* (oil-soluble vitamin C derivative) combined with polyolprepolymers. Polyolprepolymers form a membrane containing beautifying ingredients on the surface of your skin from which they are released in stages to efficiently penetrate the skin over a period of time. Furthermore, the superior brightening agent "Luna White", is combined to help shrink your pores, preserve your skin's elasticity and give it firmness and luster.

Features of  Photo-White-C Laser Plus
Brightens your skin and shrinks your pores
Provides firmness and elasticity to your skin
Penetrates every part of your skin with beautifying ingredients
Mild and gentle on your skin.

55g Retail Price : $85
Our Discounted Price : $76.50

Photo-White-C Whitening Mask

Enjoy the spa experience at home!

Photo-White-C Deep Brightening Mask contains as much as 25ml of beautifying essence to provide your skin with special care.

Two types of vitamin C contained in mandarin orange peel extract - VC-IP* (oil-soluble vitamin C derivative) and water soluble vitamin C derivative* - are combined in this thick sheet mask which tightly fits and delivers beautifying ingredients to your entire face, helping it achieve a smooth, bright, translucent feeling.
Thorough care for damage from UV-A rays to keep skin young and firm.
Photo-White-C Deep Brightening Mask targets not only damage from UV-B rays, but also damage from UV-A rays. The mask contains an MDI complex comprised of marine-derived components to protect the firmness of your skin. In addition, the aroma of French lavender extract and grapefruit surround and relax you.

5pcs ( box) Retail Price : $43
Our Discounted Price : $39 
FREE normal Postage for ANY Dr Ci Labo products purchased ( must be over $50 after discount) for a limited period!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kose Seikisho Mask White

Kose Seikisho Mask White (Peel Off Type)

 Unclogs pores to help reduce black pores.

A peel-off, airtight black mask that effectively removes dirt and impurities to dramatically increase skin’s clarity and radiance. It also suppresses melanin production and prevents the formation of aging spots and freckles.

Suppresses melanin production to prevent sun spots.
Herbal Extracts: Coix Seed Extract, Angelica Extract, Moutan Bark Extract, Japanese Coptis Extract, Artemisia Capillaris Extract

Application Instruction:
Taking about 2cm from the tube at a time with your finger and apply a thick even layer to cleansed skin, Making sure to avoid the hairline, eye and lip area. Wait 20 minutes or when completely dry, peel off gently from the outside in.

75ml Retail Price $35
Our Price : $29

Friday, April 23, 2010

SKII Cellumination Deep Surge


This daily moisturizer is infused with a unique active whitening ingredient, De-Melano P3C, that works to balance your skin tone from within to unleash your skin’s translucent aura.


After washing your face, condition your skin with Facial Treatment Essence and Cellumination Essence. Then place pearl-sized amount of Cellumination Deep Surge on the forehead, cheeks and chin, spreading it evenly over the entire face.

50ml Retail Price : $199
Our Price : $159

SKII Cellumination Essence


Enriched with a unique active whitening ingredient, De-Melano P3C, this whitening beauty essence works to reveal your skin’s hidden aura, and helps you achieve a vibrant and luminous complexion that glows from within.

After washing your face, condition your skin with Facial Treatment Essence, then spread a pearl-sized drop of Cellumination Essence over your face.

30ml Retail Price : $199
Our Price : $159

50ml Retail Price : $299
Our Price : $239

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hottest-Selling Items at Lushshop for March & April!

Most popular items sold in Lushshop in March & April!

1. Dr Ci Labo Aqua Collagen Gel super moisture

2. Dr Ci Labo Acneless Super gel & spotspack

3. Lancome Blanc Expert GN- White Agefight
4. Murad Sleep Reform Serum

6. Lancome Genifique & Genifique eye

7. SK-II Signs Eye Masks

8. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX
9. Murad Oil-free Sunblock SPF 30 ( Promo set)

10. LANCOME Ultimate Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask
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Please check out other popular items by searching under product listing on the upper land corner of Lushshop page.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

SK-II Product Price revised by distributor!

Prices have just been revised on Lushshop!
Hi Peeps,

As announced recently, all SKII products have their price revised. New prices have been effective at all counters and I will update the prices on Lushshop soon too. Don't worry, Lushshop will still be giving out wonderful discounts for all products as promised!

In the meantime, do email me at should you need any price quote.

Do check out our best selling Dr Ci Labo products here at Lushshop. All products at 10%+.

Thank you and keep shopping!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ALL SKII Items will have a Price Increase soon!

I have received information from the distributor that ALL SKII items will have a price increase soon. At the moment all prices quoted on LUSHSHOP still stays but can be adjusted at anytime. Please stay tune and do check price update at a later time.

Thank you and keep shopping!