Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dr Ci:Labo now available at Lush Shop!

Lush Shop brings to her friends and loyal clients the skincare line she cannot live without,  Dr Ci:Labo
 Full range of products available!
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Basic Line
Best-selling Aqua-Collagen-gel Super Moisture!

The most simple skincare regime you would ever experience!Apply after cleansing face as 
 This 5-in-1 acts as toner, milky lotion, beauty essence, whitening essence and make-up base.

Moisturizes skin both inside and out, for a supple, soft feeling.
Skin problems and aging skin are largely related to the amount of moisture in your skin.This naturally derived gel combines the latest industry developments with state of the art technology to give it the ability to preserve high moisture levels in your skin. It moisturizes your skin both inside and out and keeps it that way for long periods of time.
Double moisturizing system

Keeping the skin moist on the outside
A gel membrane spreads across the surface of the skin to trap moisture in and keep it from escaping.
Keeping the skin moist on the inside
Nanospheres* enclose and deliver nanoscopic molecules of collagen and ceramide deep inside the skin.
The nanospheres* are made of hyaluronan, and allow them to seep slowly into the skin where the enclosed moisture molecules spread out steadily to provide long-lasting moisture.
Combined with a generous amount of the latest skin beautifying ingredients

Micro Ocean Collagen…
Seeps easily into the skin to provide moisture and firmness.
Amber Ocean…
Extract from seaweed found in the Bretagne region of France.Preserves the skin’s elasticity and youth.
19different amino acid…
A combination of nineteen amino acids produced in the human body.Increases skin’s vitality and its ability to retain moisture.

50g mini Retail Price : $62
Our Price : $56
120g Retail Price: $123
Our Price : $111
For Lush Shop's review , please refer to link

UV Protection Milk SPF30++ & SPF50++
UV rays promote blotches, freckles, fine wrinkles and a host of other skin troubles. Protection Milk is a sun block that helps to both cut UV rays as well as care for damaged skin cells. It contains the skin brightening substance ƒ¿-arbutin (which works on the causes of blotches and freckles), as well as containing marine collagen and hyaluronan to protect and moisturize skin subjected to drying from UV rays. It contains no perfumes, coloring, mineral oils or UV ray absorbing substances.
Protection Milk comes in two levels of protection: "SPF30 PA++" - for protecting you from the sun during your daily routine - and "SPF50 PA+++" - for people who like the outdoors but who definitely don't like getting burned.

30ml SPF 30 Retail Price : $51
Our Price : $46

30ml SPF 50 Retail Price : $57
Our Price : $51

Super Cleansing EX ( Make-up Remover)
A gel that clings tightly to your skin to thoroughly remove dirt and excess oils.

Super Cleansing Gel removes makeup, cleanses dirty pores, gets rid of dead skin, oils and all the other enemies of beautiful skin with its adhesive gel formula that gently lifts and carries them off.
Three major moisturizing ingredients and five vitamins for healthy skin.

Super Cleansing Gel includes a combination of three major moisturizing ingredients (marine collagen, hyaluronan, ceramide) , which help keep your face moist and vibrant after washing. Furthermore, five kinds of vitamins (H, P, E, B6, and C) are generously combined into a vitamin complex that is gentle on your face.

120g Retail Price : $46
Our Price : $41.50

Super Washing Foam
Micro-rich bubbles which gently remove dirt and oils from your skin.

Plant-derived cleansers in the form of minute, highly dense bubbles envelope and lift away the dead skin and the dirt inside pores which cause rough, dull skin.
Three major moisturizing ingredients and five vitamins for healthy skin.
Super Washing Foam is the first face-wash in Japan to include a combination of three major moisturizing ingredients (marine collagen, hyaluronan, ceramide) - good for helping keep your face moist and vibrant after washing. Five kinds of vitamins (H, P, E, B6, and C) are also combined into a vitamin complex, making a gentle cleanser on delicate skin that leaves you with trouble-free, healthy skin.

100g Retail Price : $43
Our Price : $39.00


Aqua-Collagen-Gel Moist Lotion

Quickly moisturizes your skin

It’s no exaggeration to say that the key to beautiful skin lies in the amount of moisture in the stratum corneum. Dr. Ci:Labo’s Aqua Collagen Moist Lotion not only moisturizes your skin instantly but also balances your skin to help lock in that moisture, creating more beautiful skin. By adding multiple moisturizing ingredients to both the superficial and deeper layers of your skin and allowing them to penetrate all over, you’ll maintain fresh, younger-looking, beautiful skin with amazing resilience and elasticity.

150ml Retail Price : $62
Our Price : $56

Deep Moisture Sheet Mask ( 5Pcs)
Three major moisturizing ingredients. A tight-fitting mask that keeps skin full of moisture both inside and out.

The Aqua-Collagen-Gel Deep Moisture Mask generously combines three major moisturizing ingredients (marine collagen, hyaluronan, ceramide) for fast-acting and long-lasting results. The mask provides moisture to dry skin both inside and out. Furthermore, these ingredients slowly seep into your skin, helping to keep your skin moist over a long period of time.
Full of beautifying ingredients. Superior penetrative power to give new life to your skin.
One mask contains a full 33mL of liquid beautifying components. In addition to the three major moisturizing ingredients, the Aqua-Collagen-Gel Deep Moisture Mask contains Lipidure , a substance with more moisturizing

Retail Price ( 5pcs) : $57
Our Price : $51

Moisture Collagen Eye
Moisturiser for around the eyes!

Eye Cream to Lift Your Skin from Within, as if “Injecting Collagen.”Ceramide 3

5 collagens--including marine collagens and Micro Ocean Collagen
the root extract of Bergenia ligulata
a rich blend of Madecassoside, obtained from Gotu kola (Centella asiatica)
Hyaluronic Acid

15g Retail Price : $75
Our Price : $67.50

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Friday, February 26, 2010

SK-II Signs Eye Masks

Get rid of ugly panda tired eyes with SK-II Signs Eye Masks!

Signs Eye Mask quickly and effectively targets problems unique to the eye area caused by ageing, fatigue and dehydration. Designed to adhere perfectly to the eye area, the cloth masks encompass even the outer corners of the eyes. After just one application, dark circles are less visible; fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable. Skin around the eye is visibly brightened and hydrated.

Application Guide:
Use after cleansing and toning. Place mask with the film-cover side up, the broader end meeting the outer corner of the eye. Remove film. Leave mask on for approximately 10 minutes. Can be used daily or as often as you like.
Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES.

Lush Shop's Review :
To test the effectiveness of Signs eye mask, I chose an evening when I have overworked my poor eyes by working overnight on the computer and after long gruelling hours of fashion shoots for days. Needless to say, the eye bags and crow feet made me look haggard and tired ( Note: I have been trying to get rid of dark eye rings and tired eyes for almost a year now as it got so obvious only lots of cover make-up can make me look refreshed)
After 10mins, I removed the mask and boy, was I happy with the result! The dark eye rings seem to fade a little and the skin around the eyes seem to have lifted up. Giving me a much younger appearance without the tired, puffy eyes.
I now use them whenever I feel my tired eyes need a treat or at least twice a week.

Lush Shop sells them at
4pcs for $32
6pcs for $45
( without box)
 with Free normal postage now.  Limited time ONLY! HURRY!
Individual sale available at $9/pc (free postage not applicable for single purchase)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I use Murad Oil-free Sunblock!

This Oil-free Sunblock keeps my skin matt all day!
Murad Oil-free Sunblock SPF 30.

Lightweight, shine-free formula provides high UVA/UVB protection
Primary Benefits:
Prevents sun and free radical damage
Provides an oil-free matte finish
Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30

Patented antioxidant-rich formula prevents signs of premature aging caused by environmental exposure by delivering powerful UVA/UVB protection. Micro-minerals provide an oil-free matte finish.
Additional features and ingredients:
Pomegranate Extract protects skin from free radical damage
Panthenol and Sodium PCA lock in moisture to keep skin soft and supple

Here are some reviews from this sunblock users found on Murad's website :

" I  like this high spf 30 protection for my face. after its on, my face is not greasy or shining. great under makeup. husband likes it too. can't tell he has it on."

"I like it because it isn't greasy. goes on well  and protects your face. I use it daily and I'm outdoors alot!"

"For over 15 years I have been using various sunblocks (from expensive to over-the-counter sunblocks) and they were all greasy-feeling and made me breakout. Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30 has not caused me to breakout since I started using it. It goes on smoothly. After about 15-20 minutes, I just blot my face gently and any excess is absorbed. I do not wear makeup, just my Murad products."

Lush Shop Recommends highly recommends this!
I highly recommend this sunblock which I use myself. Many sunblocks which I have used before gave me clogged pores and eventually breakouts. I am outdoors alot and I need a sunblock which can keep my combination skin type matt to make sure my make-up stays intact. Before Murad, I have been using numerous brands, some budget friendly and some very expensive ones. A few of them gave me a greasy feel and made my face shiny even before leaving the house, and they sometimes caused clogged pores which gave me ugly breakouts. So far, friends and clients whom I have recommended this sunblock to all became fans.

Retail Price for 1.7oz - $ 69

Our Price -  $59 ( you save 15% or $10)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

SK II Facial Treatment Mask

The Instant revitalizing mask for radiant & soft skin.
SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.
Pitera Heritage

This intensive moisture-boosting mask is enriched with Pitera® which deeply hydrates skin. Reviving and relaxing, it leaves skin noticeably radiant, soft and crystal clear.
Touted by many Make-up artists, celebrities & models to be the best instant brightening and moisture replenishing mask before make-up for a show or event. The masks are not only part of a regular treatment regime, it is popular to be an instant 15 minute facial to prep the face for make-up.
Retail Price for a box of 6 : $116
Our Price : $ 93 ( you save 20% or $23)
They are sold individually too for those interested to try before getting the full box. At Only $17/piece.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Laneige. Skincare Recommendations!

Here are my Top #5 pick for Laneige Skincare products.
All tried and tested with excellent results!

#1 Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex.

A feather-light, leave-on gel mask applied just before bedtime. Water Sleeping
Pack Plus penetrates the skin immediately upon application; infusing it with a concentrated supply of moisture while you sleep. Skin is lustrously revitalized the next day!
Active ingredients Vitamin E Acetate (stabilised Vitamin E) protects the skin against UV damage and environmental stresses while yeast extract Toniskin encourages the skin to mend and tone itself. Bio HE, a unique ingredient derived from collagen which holds up to several hundred times its own weight in moisture, feeds the skin a continuous supply of moisture.

All skin types
80ml Retail Price : $45
Our Price : $39 ( you save $6)

#2 Water Bank Hydro Gel

The latest addition to Laneige’s best selling Water Bank line has tapped on the Swiss Alpine’s finest. Elite herbs grown naturally in glacial waters from the Swiss Alps are extracted with tremendous care and carefully mixed with the ‘Aqua SuperAction’ Novasome Capsules, along with Laneige’s already efficacious properties in the Water Bank line. A light and refreshing aqua-blue gel type moisturizer with delicate soft granules in pale blue is the result!
Despite being light, the gel is moisturizing enough to keep moisture and essential nutrients “locked” where they should. Skin is kept trouble and fatigue free as it soothes and calms. Skin experiences rejuvenation and illuminates with a natural glow. It is also especially helpful to sun damaged skin with its cooling and recovering properties.

All skin types
50ml Retail Price : $50
Our Price : $ 44 ( you save $6)

#3 Water Bank Essence

Water Bank Essence circulates moisture from deep within the skin - protecting the skin from losing moisture, while strengthening cells and preventing aging by increasing skin renewal rate. A concentrated moisturising essence with a light water texture that penetrates deep into the skin to retain moisture and restore skin’s natural luminescent glow. Protect yourself with 12 hours of powerful moisture retention and long lasting moisture care with Multi nano liposome

Water Bank Essence enhanced formulation promotes healthy and firm skin that is optimally hydrated and radiantly clear. In addition to advanced Dusali Water Science™, this water-based, light serum contains extracts of soya bean, blueberry, honey and yeast, plus shea butter. This is a product that once they’ve tried it, many will never do without. Rapidly absorbed into skin and makes rough skin supple by
removing flaky dead cells making skin moist and velvety soft.Experiments show that after just three days of using Laneige Water Bank Essence, there was an increase of 27.5% in the levels of moisture in the skin. At the end of ten days, that level had jumped to an increase of 51.79%. And not only are moisture levels increased but they are locked into the skin.

All skin types
60ml Retail Price : $60
Our Price : $52 ( you save $8)

#4 Pore Tightening Essence
A refining essence developed using specially selected thujae, clove bud and licorice extracts to effectively controls excess sebum secretion while milk protein maintains skin elasticity and promotes collagen synthesis. Exclusive porous powder provides mattifying power which is 3 times stronger than existing sebum absorbing powder for softer and smoother skin.

All skin types, especially for those with visible and big pores
35ml Retail Price ; $56
Our Price : $ 48 ( you save $8)


#5 STAR White Multi-Protector

Now STAR White™ Multi-Protector SPF40 /PA+++ completes and complements the entire STAR White™ skincare range. It’s the holistic skincare weapon showcasing Laneige’s R&D success in the battle to conquer skin-darkening and unceasing harsh environmental factors with this light milky lotion. Almost immediately, expect to radiate in flawless and luminous complexion.

Ideal for the astute busy women about town, the STAR White™ Multi-Protector SPF40 /PA+++ further enhances the 4-STAR Luminous Lightening Programme consisting STAR White™ Skin Refiner, STAR White™ Emulsion, STAR White™ Essence and STAR White™ Cream.

All skin types
70ml Retail Price : $52
Our Price : $ 46 ( you save $6)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SK-II Whitening Source Clear Lotion

Tones and Whitens in one go with SK-II Whitening Source Clear Lotion

This AHA-free wipe-off whitening toner helps promote even skin texture, helps reduce dullness and dryness, and helps improves skin tone problems by gently removing old dead skin cells.

Use twice daily. After cleansing, place Whitening Source Clear Lotion on cotton pads and wipe over skin.

150ml Retail Price :  $90
Our Price : $72 ( yousave 20% or $18)

SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Brightener

Redefine your skin with Radiance with SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Brightener

Whitening Source Derm-Brightener is a whitening formula specially designed to address skin tone issues caused by exposure to UV rays, helping to redefine the skin's crystal clarity. This formula can also help with spots reduction by providing additional nourishment to the skin. Whitening Source Derm-Brightener contains the advanced DMT Blocker, a combination of Vitamin C derivative, Pitera® and Niacinamide. DMT Blocker helps to maintain skin's natural radiance by sweeping away dullness.

Apply Whitening Source Derm-Brightener on a cotton pad and massage into the entire face and neck.

75g Retail Price : $180
Our Price : $144

SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser

SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser

This gentle foam cleanser with a fine, rich lather effectively removes excess oil, dirt and residual make-up whilst conditioning skin and leaving it smooth and velvety to the touch.
Wet face then use water to foam cleanser into a generous lather. Softly massage onto face and neck. Rinse with water.

120g Retail Price : $74
Our Price : $59

Monday, February 1, 2010

SK-II Skin Signature Cream

Beautify Aging. Bring back your youth.
Clinically proven to help you look up to 4 years younger in just one month, this anti-aging moisturizer helps strengthen Skin Power to give your skin total beauty through a balance of firmness, smoothness and radiance.
Apply twice a day. Smooth onto face and neck using spiral movement till thoroughly absorbed.

80g Retail Price : $219
Our price : $176

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

The Miracle Water that so many have reaped benefits from over the years.

Containing more than 90% Pitera®, this much loved miracle water is a must-have for healthy, radiant skin. It helps maintain the skin's natural renewal cycle to its optimum condition to allow skin nourishment. It also works to balance the skin's pH and sebum secretion, so oily and dry areas are properly moisturised.
Use twice daily, morning and night. After cleansing, gently pat face and neck using a cotton pad soaked with Facial Treatment Essence. You can even use it on the eye area.

75ml RP: $99
Our Price : $82

150ml RP : $168
Our Price : $139

215ml RP : $209
Our Price : $165

* Special edition 330ml RP : $295
Our Price : $236

SK-II Whitening Source Derm Definition

SK-II Whitening Source Derm Definition

With regular twice daily usage, this whitening product works beneath the skin's epidermal surface to help remove dark spots. Containing DermComplex enriched with Pitera®, it gives your skin a naturally radiant and translucent appearance.
Use after application of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Take a few drops from the dropper and spread evenly on entire face. You can also apply directly onto your pigmented areas.

50ml Retail Price : $258
Our Price : $201

Lancome Facial Cleansers for Dry, Oily and Normal Skin.

Lancome foaming cleanser for Dry skin

A Luxurious Balance of Science and Nature: Reveal Purified, Pampered Skin. This rich and creamy cleanser with nourishing Rosehip Oil and soothing Rose de France delivers a voluminous foam to gently remove makeup, even waterproof, dissolve impurities and leave the skin soft and supple.

Massage over wet face and throat. Rinse with lukewarm water.
Dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested for safety.

125ml Retail Price : $50
Our Price : $39

Lancome Gel Pure Focus Oil-Control Cleansing Gel

A Luxurious Balance of Science and Nature: Reveal Purified, Pampered Skin
This fresh micro-bead cleansing gel removes makeup and impurities and deeply cleanses skin.
Formulated with the Dermo-Guide System™, this cleanser works deeply within the pores to absorb excess oil before it becomes visible. Skin is shine-free. Pores are tightened and refined.
Massage over wet face and throat. Rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush with water.
Oil-free. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist-tested for safety.
For oily skin.

125ml Retail Price : $50
Our Price : $39

Lancome Cleansing foam for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin!

Discover a pearly foam so fine it liberates the Skin from toxins & impurities deep inside.
A foam so fine and voluminous that penetrates deep into the pores to gently liberate the skin from impurities and toxins. Rinse off and rediscover the radiance of a clean skin.
Suitable for all skin types and even the most sensitive skin.

125ml Retail Price : $50
Our Price : $39

Lancome Tonique Douceur

Lancome Tonique Douceur.
Alcohol - Free Freshner
This alcohol-free, pH balanced freshener gently tones and refines kin without depleting natural oils. Remember that we should not strip our skin off its natural oils which is required for radiance and youthfulness. Toners with alcohol content can trigger breakouts as it can be harsh on skin.
The Distilled flower water found in Lancome Tonique Douceur helps to soften the skin and maintains suppleness.
Use daily after cleansing, or during the day for a cool, hydrating lift.
Suitable for normal/combination skin.
Dermatologist tested.

400ml Retail Price : $75
Our Price : $55

Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur 3-in1 Express cleansing water. Suitable for all skin types , even the most sensitive skin.

Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur
The most convenient and gentle one step make up cleanser and tonique.

A clear & high potency water for in-depth cleansing. Effectively wipes away toxins & impurities. Imparts freshness for gentle makeup removal on face, eyes & lips. Contains anti-oxidant White Lotus, soothing Rose & hydrating Cedar bud. Leaves skin clean, fresh, toned & comfortable. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

My review : This express cleansing water is something I cannot do without since the first time I have used it many many years ago. I used to have difficulties removing make up completely after each flight (duing my air stewardess days) causing clogged pores and of course the dreadful breakouts as most cleansers were eaither too oily, too mild or too harsh. And most of the time after a flight, I would be so knackered and this express cleansing water is such a savior! Besides being so gentle when removing every trace of make up, one swipe of the cleansing water on a cotton pad not only cleanses, it also tones the skin. For convenience and people who are always rushing for time, this is perfect as one swipe means shortening your cleansing regime time.
Now, this is always in my make up kit too when I go for jobs. I use this very often on clients and models before make up as it not only cleanses the face of any leftover make up and impurities, it also tones to close up pores before the make up.
Highly recommended!

200ml Retail Price : $52
Our Price : $42
400ml Retail Price : $72
Our Price : $58

Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Make up Remover.
Double-phase, fresh-as-water liquid eye makeup remover.
Activates when shaken to gently whisk away even waterproof eye makeup, while conditioning and refreshing the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. Leaves eyes feeling cool and relaxed, with no oily residue.A bi-phase liquid eye makeup remove. The lipid phase lifts off eyemakeup; the water phase contains special emolients to refresh and condition skin without a greasy residue.
Ophthalmologist-Tested For Safety.

My review : A very gentle eye make up remover suitable for everyone. Bi-facil has been around for a very long time and there must be a reason why it is still one of the more popular product from Lancome. It completely removes the waterproof eye make up in just one swipe of a cotton ball. No more panda eyes from traces of mascara from last night's make up.
Lush Shop's tip: Press cotton ball/pad over eye for 2 secs and gently massage eye area for even easier cleansing. This works better as bi-facil has already 'softened' mascara and eye make up for easy removal.
125ml Retail Price : $48
Our Price : $36

Lancome Genifique.Breakthrough Youth Activator by Lancome!

Highly Raved and most sought-after Miracle in a bottle. Lancome brings you Lancome Genifique.

Lancome Genifique concentrate. The 1st ever creation to activate your Youth!
See visibly results in only 7 Days! Skin youthfulness returns with that soft velvety and cushiony feel. The concentrate works by boosting genes activity and stimulating the production of youth proteins. It has sold thousands and thousands all over the world with faithful believers stocking this up.

My review : : I took on the 7 day challenge myself before I could review to my faithful family here on Lush Shop. My first application of the Lancome Genifique concentrate totally surprised me. As concentrate works fast and effective to correct, it was instantly soaked up by my skin making it very smooth and cushiony as compared to most of the serums I have tried. After which, my moisturizer glided on like velvet.
 In 7 days, skin is baby soft and has a more plumped radiant appearance. Discoloration and fine lines are lightened and smoothened out. Even recent acne scars seem to have lightened too. Say bye bye to concealers Skin seems to have 'toughened' up to humid weather here in Singapore which used to make my skin susceptible to breakouts and oily skin. Foundation or powder glides on so much easier. Comes in a sleek bottle with a dropper and thus making this very hygenic and easy to apply.

30ml Retail Price : $150
Our Price : $113
50ml Retail Price : $199
Our Price : $150
Taken from CLEO beauty for Lancome

Lancome Genifique Eye

The ultimate solution to dark eye circles, fine lines and eyebags. Lancome Genifique Eye Youth Activating Eye concentrate is especially formulated for the delicate eye area.This gel-cream texture helps reduce any fine lines and wrinkles and visibly reduces dark eye circles. Your eye contour will look like it has been lit from within as it appears bright and radiant.

My review : I have always been careful and particular about the eye treatments I use. I have very sensitive skin especially around the eye area making it so easy to get fine lines just by rubbing too hard around the area. I am also careful not to use too rich creams so as to avoid milia seeds around the eyes.
Upon application, I get the same cushiony feel I get from the Genifique concentrate. The gel-cream texture is light and non-greasy. Continued usage made my dark eye rings seem much lighter with eye contour area looking brighter and well rested.

15ml Retail Price : $98
Our Price : $73.50

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