Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Beauty Review I

My Beauty Review I

As promised, I am starting the new year with my favourite skincare and beauty product reviews and recommendations. Many of my clients who come to me for my make-up service have frequently asked me what are the ways and products I would use to maintain skin's radiance, mioisture and elasticity. Of course, the standard answer would be to wash, exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise and never forget your sunscreen, but we all know that this itself may not be enough for everyone! With so many new and wonderful products in the market now, aren't we spoilt for choice. That being said, wouldn't it be more wonderful to have others try out the products and you can decide if they are suitable for you?

Though I know many people have heard about this Japanese Brand, not many have been told about the miracles it can do!

Here is my No. 1 choice of must-have! Dr Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen Gel Super Moisture. Its patented Nano-moisturising capsules greatly improves permeation. This 5-in-1 acts as toner, milky lotion, beauty essence, whitening essence and make-up base. It guarantees nourishing non-stop for 24 hours while keeping skin supple, healthy and firm. Dr Ci:Labo products claims to be free from any artificial ingredients, colorings and fragrance. This water-based moisturiser is also free from mineral oil, which is perfect for acne-proned or oily skin. Its natural ingredients include marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and a mixture of plant extracts that has similar placenta elements which can deeply penetrate into the cuticles of our skin.

Since I was first introduced to this in 2006 by an ex-colleague when I was still working for the airlines, I have been using tubs and tubs of this from then onwards. Here is my personal experience and why I love it so much.

As my previous job required me to have on make-up for long hours and also to be travelling to and fro very different climates, it started to take a toll on my skin. My skin became very sensitive with angry red patches accompanied by frequent ugly breakouts, all from lack of moisture deep within, lack of sleep and climate change. I spent so much time, energy and money on doctor's prescriptions, expensive skin products and facials, but these only resulted in temporary relief or breakouts from over moisturising. I was on the verge of giving up, until I was given a sample pack of this amazing gel from my ex-colleague who assured me that this is one of a kind miracle moisturiser.
Upon application, this very light and non oily gel moisturiser is instantly absorbed into your skin. You will be able to experience instant nourished, plumped up skin with elasticity. It is so gentle that you won't feel any stinging sensation you would get from other moisturisers when they come in contact with problem skin. My sensitive skin became less easily irritated in just a few applications and my skin regained its suppleness which had been missing for a long time. No more red and raw patches, no more dry scaly skin and most important no more unhealthy looking skin. I was bowled over and had to get my hands on one when i next fly to Japan. It was not available in Singapore at that time. I have not looked back eversince and have recommended this to many friends and clients especially after it has been made available in Singapore.

Over the years, my skin has gone through several changes and has different needs now. Having said that, this gel moisturiser still works perfectly fine for me. There has not been any moisturiser that can replace this at the moment, at least for me.
My next review will be on it's acneless range. Stay Tuned.

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