Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whitening line from Dr Ci Labo. Photo White C

It all started from the determination of Dr Shirono to cure the common skin problems which his patients used to see him for. They were acne problems, eczema, skin pigmentation & wrinkles. He invested a long period of time in research and clinical trials and successfully created this real skin care product.

As the No.1 Medical Cosmetics and the specialist in skin care, Dr. Ci:Labo is always developing exciting and effective new products for a broad range of skin care needs, while strict quality control is applied to every detail utilizing the special quality management system. The research staff at Dr. Ci: Labo works day and night to help you maintain consistently glowing skin in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.

And Lushshop brings you the most effective yet gentle Whitening Line from Dr Ci Labo, Photo White C.

Photo-White-C Whitening Lotion

Ultrafine particles of soluble Vitamin C deliver full of moisture deep into the skin.

Developed with Japan’s latest nanotechnology, this citrus scented toner greatly enhances the brightening effect of A Mosturizing Cream.
Photo-White-C Whitening Lotion soaks deep into your skin to provide it with plenty of moisture and to help ensure that your skin has an even tone. When Photo-White-C Laser Plus is applied afterwards, This Lotion acts as a foundation which enhances the action of the brightening ingredients and helps your skin achieve even greater smoothness and brightness.

Beautifying ingredients such as VC-IP* (oil-soluble vitamin C derivative) and Photo-White-C Complex (containing six varieties of plant-derived extract) are combined with nanotechnology* to allow them to smoothly penetrate deep into your skin, suppress melanin production, and prevent blemishes and freckles.
180ml Retail Price : $59
Our Discounted Price : $53 

Photo-White-C Laser Plus (whitening moisturiser)
Photo-White-CLaser Plus contains a full 20% of the brightening ingredient VC-IP* (oil-soluble vitamin C derivative), which can easily penetrate skin. Furthermore thanks to the action of time-release polyolprepolymers, the ingredients are delivered gradually to every part of your skin to give it long-lasting firmness and luster. It goes on smoothly, spreads well and refreshes you with the scent of lime and grapefruit. It shrinks pores and smoothes out rough skin, enhancing its natural translucence.

Intermittent release of brightening ingredients to provide powerful support for making your skin more translucent and your pores smaller.
Photo-White-C Laser Plus contains such as VC-IP* (oil-soluble vitamin C derivative) combined with polyolprepolymers. Polyolprepolymers form a membrane containing beautifying ingredients on the surface of your skin from which they are released in stages to efficiently penetrate the skin over a period of time. Furthermore, the superior brightening agent "Luna White", is combined to help shrink your pores, preserve your skin's elasticity and give it firmness and luster.

Features of  Photo-White-C Laser Plus
Brightens your skin and shrinks your pores
Provides firmness and elasticity to your skin
Penetrates every part of your skin with beautifying ingredients
Mild and gentle on your skin.

55g Retail Price : $85
Our Discounted Price : $76.50

Photo-White-C Whitening Mask

Enjoy the spa experience at home!

Photo-White-C Deep Brightening Mask contains as much as 25ml of beautifying essence to provide your skin with special care.

Two types of vitamin C contained in mandarin orange peel extract - VC-IP* (oil-soluble vitamin C derivative) and water soluble vitamin C derivative* - are combined in this thick sheet mask which tightly fits and delivers beautifying ingredients to your entire face, helping it achieve a smooth, bright, translucent feeling.
Thorough care for damage from UV-A rays to keep skin young and firm.
Photo-White-C Deep Brightening Mask targets not only damage from UV-B rays, but also damage from UV-A rays. The mask contains an MDI complex comprised of marine-derived components to protect the firmness of your skin. In addition, the aroma of French lavender extract and grapefruit surround and relax you.

5pcs ( box) Retail Price : $43
Our Discounted Price : $39 
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