Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pucker Up with Laneige Moisturizing Lipcare

Introducing two very affordable yet very moisturizing lipstick range from Laneige.

Snow Crystal Moisture Lipstick

My personal favorite and this is my pick for the Month of May!
I love Snow Crystal Moisture Lipstick for its 'solid' color when applied to lips in just one swipe and definitely for how it is abundantly moisturizing them. The creamy texture stays on your lips for as long as the lipstick does, so it really conditions your lips and will not get flaky like some other lipsticks I have tried before.

The variety of shades are also the main factor why I have so many of this.
-On days when I want very nude and dewy make-up, I go for SYR04 Tea Beige , which has a very natural beige tone.
-For a pinkish and brighter smile, I use SR08 Smile Rose or LR01 Nude Pink.  
-My favorite shade which I use when I do not have much make-up on and I want more emphasis on the lips, I use DYR437 Red Brown 
 - To paint the town red, try R18 Classic Red.

Other shades to look out for are DYR34 Rose Brown, SR05 Real Rose , LR06 Fresh Pink & LR05 Romantic Pink.

To view all shades , please visit  http://www.laneige.com.sg/m-lips_2.htm

Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick

Melts on lips giving a dynamic color changing effect from this water-hued lipstick.
Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick is perfect for those who likes some color or tint on lips. A little of this will give you shine and color especially if you do not like to be too made up.

For that sexy and barely there look, try SR104 Shine Pink  and LR103 Lovely Pink.

Other shades to look out for are R214 Rock Star Red , R217 Red Shine, YR323 Nude Orange , SYR433 Nude Glam and P546 Shine Purple.

To view all shades, please visit  http://www.laneige.com.sg/m-lips_1.htm

Snow Crystal Moisture Lipstick and Snow Crystal Melting Gloss Lipstick

Retail Price : $32
Our Discounted Price : $28

For a limited period ONLY, free normal postage when you purchase 2 or more Snow Crystal lipsticks!

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