Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dr Ci:Labo Acneless Range

Dr Ci:Labo Acneless series! The only thing you need to get rid of blemishes, acne and dirty pores!
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Acneless Cleansing Gel ( Make-up Remover)
STEP : 1 ( if you wear make-up)
Dr. Ci:Labo Acneless Cleansing Gel is non-irritant while deeply cleanses sebum and dirt in the pores. It uses medicinal charcoal as the base, mixed with supple moisturizing ingredients. It removes make-up, cleanses pores’ sebum and dirt, and thoroughly cleanses the skin. It is suitable for everyday cleansing for combination to oily skin, and effectively prevents the formation of acnes.

125g Retail Price : $45
Our Price : $41

Acneless Soap
STEP 2 ( or if you do not wear make up this will be STEP 1):

A moisturizing soap that thoroughly cleans pores of oil and dirt that can cause acne.
Unlike soaps that only aim to remove oils and dead skin, the rich foam of Dr. Ci: Labo's Medicated Acneless Soap penetrates deep into your pores to clean out dirt and excess oils and to protect your skin from the dirt and pollutants in the air. It gently cleans your face while preserving the moisture that your skin needs.
Refreshes your skin with a mixture of plant extracts.
Medicated Acneless Soap contains medicinal carbon, pionin, and hinoki-thiol (derived from the Hiba plant), protecting you from rough, dry skin and acne thanks to its antibacterial properties. In addition, L-serine, AHA, and natural vitamin E remove impurities from your skin while keeping it conditioned and healthy.

100g Retail Price : $27
Our Price : $25

Acneless Spotspack
STEP 3 :

A pack for pin-pointing acne.
Medicated Acneless Spotspack lets you treat individual, suddenly-occurring blemishes without the need to cleanse your entire face. Made from a combination of citric acids, this pack softens the thick keratin layer of skin while medicated carbon absorbs the excess sebaceous oils that have clogged the pore and caused the blemish. Your face is left fresh, healthy and less prone to acne and rough skin.
Reduces the appearance of pimples, red splotches and blackheads to make your skin smoother and more beautiful.
While Medicated Acneless Spotspack works on treating the damage to your skin caused by acne, saccharomyces extract helps give firmness to your skin, shell-flower extract and phytic acid smooth out the roughness caused by pimples, and a combination of vitamins helps prevent red splotches and blackheads from forming.
15g Retail Price : $39
Our Price : $35

Acneless Super Gel
STEP 4 :

Suppresses acne-causing bacteria and excess oils.
Acne is caused when natural oils secreted by sebaceous glands gets clogged up inside pores, allowing acne-causing bacteria to multiply and cause inflammation in the surrounding skin. Medicated Acneless Gel cleanses your skin and uses pionin (an antibacterial substance) to prevent bacteria which cause acne.
Plant extracts gentle on your skin help to keep it healthy.
Medicinal carbon and moisturizing plant extracts such as houttuynia cordata are combined to give you smooth, acne-free skin that is smooth but without an oily sheen.

60g Retail Price : $59
Our Price : $54
Acneless Moisture Gel
STEP 5 :

Highly moisturizing elements of Acneless Moisture Gel, including Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, regulate sebum secretion, restore the skin to a normal Ph, and protect your skin from dryness, which is one of the main causes of adult acnes. Used in conjunction with the other parts of the Acneless regimen, the Moisture Gel will restore even the most troubled skin to a newly silky youthful smoothness.

60g Retail Price : $68
Our Price : $62.50

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