Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lush Shop's Clients' share their wonderful results! Jasmine

A very youthful looking Jasmine shares her reviews with us.

Client : Jasmine Ler ( mother of a 7year old boy)
Age : 39
Occupation : Sales Executive
Skin Problems : Fine Lines around eyes & mouth. Sensitive thin skin which clogs easily. Used to suffer from oily skin which breakouts easily especially with use of new skincare products. Do not use much make up and is often exposed to sun and pollution when out on the roads to meet clients.
Lushshop recommends : Lancome Genifique Yeux ( eyes) , Lancome Genifique, Lancome Blanc Expert GN- White Agefight, Dr Ci Labo Aqua Collagen Super Moisture Gel.

1. Lancome Genifique Yeux ( eyes) for fine lines around her eyes. Jasmine had tired looking eyes caused by facing  the computer monitor for long periods and late nights when we met. Her biggest concern for a good eye treatment is that the good ones she has used were always too rich and caused milia seeds around her eyes ( also known as oil seeds which would need to be extracted with a needle by a doctor or beautician). After only 4 days of usage ( morning & night), Jasmine tells me she notices the fine lines are almost gone and the skin around her eyes seems more taut and moisturized. Non-oily and very easily absorbed without any milia seeds formation.
2. Lancome Genifique is a serum booster to boost the hydrating & moisturising absorption of the moisturizer. As with her previous experience with combination-oily skin, she avoids using many brands of moisturizers which claim to be hydrating yet mild enough for her sensitive skin which only resulted in clogged pores, bad breakouts. This experiences and lack of proper hydration left her with deyhydrated skin, which of couse only amplifies the appearance of fine lines.

3. As with most Asian women, pigmentation and skin discoloration is a major cause of concern. What is even more frustrating, through my personal experience, is that it is hard to find a whitening product which does not trigger off a bad case of breakout. Jasmine wants a product to brighten up her skin as she prefers to go without make-up during the weekends but is unable to do so when her skin is sallow with a tinge of yellowness. After only 1 week of using the Lancome Blanc Expert GN-white Agefight, friends and colleagues all noticed her skin's healthy glow with luminosity. She is also happy and confident to flaunt her healthy skin now even on workdays as there is really no need to cover up that flawless skin with powder.

4.. The most effective moisturizer which can properly nourish skin with the most common skin problems ( acne, wrinkles, fine lines, dehydrated, eczema etc) is of course my favorite Dr Ci Labo Aqua Collagen Super Moisture Gel. After a little convincing and research on her own, she tried it for the very first time and fell in love with it. She shares that it is the smooth and non-oily texture upon application that she is in love with. Instantly, her skin is plumped up and feels smooth. Over a few weeks of using this gel, she noticed that her skin seems stronger and healthier ( not as sensitive as before)

Jasmine has recommended these 4 products that she is currently using to many of her friends. Eversince she  started on this new skincare regime ,she has not visited her beautician for her regular facials, as she no longer suffers from breakouts, clogged pores and tired looking skin.


  1. Hi Joie
    This is very informative! I will want to share too when I use my Drcilabo items for more than one week.
    now 3 days and I already feel looks radiant.
    But no photos, ok? =)


  2. I mean looks radiant!

  3. Hi elaine,

    Yes, i started this clients' review segment so all of you can share your experiences!

    I will be waiting for your reviews. You may email me when you are ready. Thanks :)