Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally Arrived! Pro Make-up tools made by make-up artist for make-up professionals and aficionado!

Unveiling the masterpiece from Charm
The MUST-HAVE for every professional and make-up addicts.

Housed in beautiful and sleek brush roll

Full set of 21

Close-up 1

Close -up 2

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It's about time.

Beauty & Minerals’ signature makeup brush brand Charm has been giving you beautiful, quality, and affordable makeup brushes for the past three years, and is introducing something new! Something brilliant, something professional.

Introducing, the Charm PRO Makeup Brush line. Professional makeup brushes for makeup artist, for the ultimate makeup lover.


For the first time, Charm has created a black makeup brush set, opting for minimalism, as it is the standard color for professional makeup artists. Savor in the sleek black color of our new set. Black is elegant. Black is beautiful.


Our brushes are made of the finest animal and synthetic hair. Guaranteed soft, but efficient enough to pick up enough product for your professional makeup application.

The Charm Makeup Brush Set features 21 pcs. of professional makeup brushes perfect to bring along with you in makeup school, during your makeup gigs, or as a part of your makeup brush collection. These brushes are designed for advanced users who would want to create looks beyond basic. Create an endless array of makeup looks with the Charm Pro Makeup Brushes!


We give you 21 pcs. of professional makeup brushes that we deem complete for doing makeup. No more, no less.Take it from us.

The Charm PRO Makeup Brush Set is composed of 21 professional quality makeup brushes, with a brush roll for storage.

The Charm PRO Makeup Brush Set includes :

1. Dual Fibre Brush

2. Large Powder Brush

3. Small Powder/Blush Brush

4. Foundation Brush

5. Angled Contour Brush

6. Concealer Brush

7. Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush

8. Eye Shader Brush

9. Tapered Blending Brush

10. Angled Shading Brush

11. Pencil Point Brush

12. Precise Crease Blending Brush

13. Flat Liner Brush

14. Precise Concealer Brush

15. Angled Liner/Brow Brush

16. Bent Liner Brush

17. Eyebrow Defining Brush

18. Mini Fan Brush

19. Brow Spoolie/Lash Brush

20. Fan Brush

21. Retractable Lip Brush 

Lush Shop's recommends Charm Pro Make-up brushes!

Being a Make-up Artist myself, I am very particular and careful with my tools. I have spent too much and am still shopping for make-up brushes since I need many sets for my hectic schedule. For those who have bought and collected brushes from scratch to make up a good working set would know what I mean by how expensive they can be. We are talking about 300-500 hundred dollars for a basic set of 10-12 brushes.

Many will argue that it is the skills that make the artist, but without good quality work tools, it is sometimes not possible to bring out the best of what the artist has intended to create.

Once again, Charm is being true to its name bringing us good quality animal and synthetic brushes at such low and affordable price, with quality tools which have been carefully designed by Professionals for Professionals. The professional black and sleek looking pro line not only looks good, it also allows the make-up artist to work his/her magic with precision and ease as the brushes not only picks up pigments well, the brushes are also soft and gentle. Even at such an unbelievable low price, Charm guarantees quality is never compromised!

Now available in Singapore ONLY from Lush Shop

**Charm PRO Makeup Brush full set at $128 only.**

Limited sets available now. Pay $2 for postage and you will get FREE registered mail upgrade.

***SOLD OUT***
Please pre-order for next shipment now!
If you prefer the trademark pink Charm brushes and want something professional yet compact enough to bring around, you will love Charm Travel Pro V2.

With your warm welcome of our Charm Travel Pro Set two years ago, it is now back, better than ever!
Get spoiled with our new, luxurious Charm Travel Pro, as your take-me-with-you-anywhere brush set promising professional results.

Our new Charm Travel Pro dares to impress you, upping the notch in terms of bristle softness, and overall brush quality.

The minimalist feel of the past Charm Travel Pro has been shed off, and changed into that textured pink case that imparts vibes of beauty, and confidence!

A pleasant blend of the softest animal hair, and synthetic hair brushes, fit for their own uses, the Charm Travel Pro Brush Set makes sure you never have to scrimp on your essentials even if you're a girl always on the go!

Featuring twelve outstanding makeup brushes that ensure only the best performance not only for mineral makeup, but also for traditional makeup as well !

Featuring twelve outstanding brushes for your professional results anytime, anywhere!

1. Dual Fibre Brush

2. Powder Brush

3. Angled Blush Brush

4. Jumbo Concealer Brush

5. Multi-purpose Eyeshadow and Blending Brush

6. Pencil Point Brush

7. Contour Eye/Nose Brush

8. Flat Liner Brush

9. Angled Liner Brush ( for eyebrows and eyeliner )

10. Pointed Eyeliner Brush

11. Brow Spoolie Brush

12. Retractable Lip Brush

Get your very cute Charm Travel Pro Set, and be ensured of having a complete makeup brush collection that you can bring with you anywhere! You never have to scrimp on luggage space with this travel-friendly beauty!

**Available in Singapore Only from Lush Shop at $72 only.**

Text and photos courtesy of  beauty and minerals
Limited sets available now. Pay $2 for postage and you will get FREE registered mail upgrade.

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