Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October's Recommendations! Latest!!!

Lush Shop is re-opened after a short break and I am back with new reviews of products for my very loyal readers and supporters. During this break, some of you might know I was in the states and Taipei. The harsh dry air in the airplane made my skin break out a little but all thanks to the huge jar of Dr Ci Labo's Aqua collagen gel , after one thick application before bed whenever I arrive at the hotels after flights, made my skin soft again and bringing the open pores back to normal again when I get up in the mornings. I shared this with one of my travelling companion during this trip and she has since become a convert to Dr Ci Labo's Aqua collagen gel!

Ok, I am sure many of you here who has started using the highly recommended Dr Ci Labo's Aqua Collagen Gel already knows how good it is. For those who are new here , you might refer my past posts check Dr Ci Labo here 1 and check Dr Ci Labo here 2. So I shall not talk about the same thing here on a new post.

Instead, I would like to share a few other products which I have only recently got acquainted with as I do not like to mix too many products at one time, if not it is hard to tell what or which ones are working for or against me.

These products are HUGE in Taipei. And when I say huge, I mean they are everywhere. On tv advertisements, being promoted by skin therapists on tv and they can be found at the upper class department stores. I had a good chat with their skin specialists and was told that these two products which I am about to share with you has been selling like hot cakes. We will soon find out how the taiwanese, like the Japanese, have soft, glowing white skin.

Here I present to you
Super White 377

A new brightening serum that offers outstanding whitening power with total gentleness to the skin.

'Dark spots' get darker and larger and they increase in numbers as the skin ages.When the skin is affected by environmental irritants as well as internal factors such as aging and hormonal changes. Dark spots appear when melanin pigment cannot be eliminated due to lack of normal skin renewal turnover (shedding of dead skin cells).

White 377 is a new brightening ingredient developed based on the polyphenol substance found in the European Red Pine, an evergreen coniferous tree together with 5 different whitening ingredients . White 377's power to inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme activity is 2,100 times that of hydroquinone, 7,000 times that of arbutin and 2,400 times that of either kojic acid or ascorbic acid sodium salt. It is unique that it barely irritates the skin while provides amazing brightening power.

*Tyrosinase activity inhibition test

The inhibtion of the tyrosinase enzyme activity was measured in the test. A greater clarity indicates greater power to suppress melanin production.

Lush Shop's review : Dark spots around my cheeks and nose area lightened after 14days of use.  Looks like I just had a diamond peel facial session at the salon. It is non-irritating and my super sensitive skin did not break out from using this ( I tend to break out whenever I use any whitening products). My face looks brighter as the overall skintone is lightened.

18g Retail Price : $68
Lush Shop's special : $62

 Pore White Peel

 Pore White Peel combines citric acids and lactic acids to remove excess buildups of keratin on your epidermis. As you massage this gel onto your face it envelops your skin to lift off and remove keratin and dirt that does not come off with regular face washing. By removing layers of dead skin, you refresh your face and allow its normal cycle to continue unimpeded.

Contains a rich combination of beautifying vitamins to improve your skin's tone and to make your pores less noticeable.

Pore White Peel contains a rich combination of beautifying ingredients, including vitamin A and P for improving your skin's tone, vitamin H for preventing roughness, and VC-IP* (oil-soluble vitamin C derivative).

Lush Shop's Review: Many people I have spoken to are not sure why or who needs a peel. In fact, everyone would benefit from a peel. If we do not remove the dead skin cells that are build up, then that is where pores get clogged, and the horrible breakout follows. That being said, we do not need to spend hundreds and hundreds at the doctors to get chemical peel every now and then, not to mention about the downtime. My top pick for a gentle exfoliating massage gel would be this Pore White Peel.
It is so gentle that you do not feel any tightening of skin or a sudden breakout from harsh scrubs. This is really a mild chemical peel which is easy to use , inexpensive and can be used in the comfort of your home. It works by gently lifting the dirt and dead cells that are not removed by regular washing and the numerous vitamins found in the ingredients improves skin tones.

A must-have for those who like me, have avoided peels before. My pores now seem less noticeable without worrying about having a breakout from harsh exfoliating product. 

80ml Retail Price : $85
Lush Shop's special : $77

3D- Deep Botolium

The wrinkles and lines give your skin a visibly older appearance. Our three-dimensional approach to softening and reducing the wrinkles and lines on your face is "3D-Deep Botolium" - a topically applied anti-ageing treatment. This cutting-edge skin care relaxes your expression lines to give your skin elasticity and a youthful feel all day long.

Three-dimensional permeation into your face's lines and wrinkles with a combination of 30% Botox alternatives and retinol.

Three Botox alternatives*1 make up 30% of 3D-Deep Botolium (the highest level in the beauty industry) to relax expression lines around trouble spots, such as the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the mouth, and thereby reduce the prominence of lines and wrinkles. Deep lines are reduced to help you achieve a natural, youthful look. Furthermore, three types of retinol*2 work on shallow facial lines.

Directions : After skin has been cleansed and moisturized, apply 3D-Deep botolium on affeced areas or all over.  Apply by using a small amout on the tip of your finger and lightly tapping it against any wrinles or problem areas. When applying it to your entire face, spread it using the tips of your fingers.

Lush Shop's Review :  It feels like slowly injecting botox in your skin daily without actually having to go through the injecting process. Crow's feet and smile lines disappear quickly in a few days after using.

18g Retail Price : $106
Lush Shop's special : $97

 3D-Deep Botolium Eye Sheet
"3D-Deep Botolium Eye Sheet" contains special sheets for the skin beneath your eyes, providing complex, anti-ageing care for those signs of age that you currently have to use makeup to hide. The gel inside each sheet includes a rich combination of beautifying ingredients to give the skin underneath your eyes a youthful appearance.

Treat the lines and furrows of age underneath your eyes to give your skin a firm, fresh appearance.

3D-Deep Botolium Eye Sheet is combined with palmitoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein to keep lines and furrows from developing in the skin beneath your eyes. It works on your expression lines and increases your skin's density. In addition, organogermanium and tourmaline are added to improve blood circulation and keep "bags" from forming underneath your eyes.

Lush Shop's Review : A must-have for all you party animals! Or for anyone who faces the computer screen daily or sleeps late. I can see a very drastic improvement in my eye bags and fine lines from sleeping late, staring at the computer screen, etc. Now I look much more refreshed without the heavy bags hanging.
8 pairs Retails Price : $62
Lush Shop's Price : $56

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