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Best-Sellers October! Customers' choice!

Best-Sellers! Lush Shop's clients rate their favorite skincare Products!


Dr Ci Labo Aqua-Collage-Gel
The best-selling and most popular item on LushShop. We have lost count on how many tubs we have sold since its debut on LushShop. The Dr Ci Labo experience is not complete is you have not tried this.
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Dr Ci Labo Basic Line Washing Foam Ex
A gentle washing foam that removes dirt and grime without the tight-feeling on skin. Reviews by LushShop Clients on this hot favorite are :
1) Pores feel cleaner after 3 days of using.
2) No more sudden breakouts
3) Skin stays oil-free for longer
4) Suitable even for sensitive skin.

No wonder clients are snapping this up and each order comes in multiples.
Users ( ladies with make-up) will remove make-up with Cleansing Ex, a gentle make-up remover,  before cleansing with Washing Foam Ex.

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Lancome Blanc Expert GN- White Agefight

I realised that the Blanc-expert range not only whitens, it also gives you an more youthful overall experience. Many of my clients who swear by Agefight will tell you that they have sensitive skin which breakouts easily from whitening products. Agefight not only whitens, but it gives you that brightening glow.
Users also like the Spot Eraser which is highly effective on stubborn , older and darker spots.
Regular use of LANCOME Ultimate Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask   ( read more on mask) nourishes and softens skin to help in delivery whitening ingredients. This intensive treatment if used regularly along with other Blanc expert will deliver smooth, fair and glowing skin. 

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Blanc Expert Ultimate whitening Anti-spot Anti-dark cirlces Eye Serum
My Personal Favorite!!! It is truly a 2-in-1. Lightens your dark circles and tightens the skin around the eyes giving you a youthful and brighter appearance! A must-have.
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Murad Professional Scalp Treatment Shampoo, Conditioner & Serum. Against Hairloss

More and more people are suffering from hairloss problems at an earlier age. Stress, poor hygiene, hormonal changes, diet, illness, pollutants are the few common reasons why. We need to prevent further hairloss before it is too late. In order to do so, we would need to rebuild healthy scalp to insure a healthy environment for healthy hair to grow in. 

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Lancome Genifique concentrate
Many of my clients have taken the 7-day challenge and are amazed with the results. Popular for skin regeneration and boosting skin activity resulting in healthy and youthful skin.
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Dr Ci Labo Acneless series
There are many out there who are suffering from adult acne/pimple problems than we really know. Acne does not just affect prepubescent teens, many suffer this condition throughout their lives with scars that never go away or even more discomforting for those who had never experienced breakouts till their late 20's or older. Many acne clearing products in the market target zapping out oil which is the culprit for causing dirty pores. Many, like myself, have sensitive skin which are not suitable for such strong treatment. I have found this Acneless series to be so gentle yet so effective in cleaning out the pores, eventually leading to no sudden breakouts and clearer skin. The Spotpack is like an emergency mask when you do get that annoying red inflammed bump. Just leave it on for a few minutes and peel it off before applying the wonderful Super acneless gel and acneless moisturizer.
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Charm Professional Make-up Brushes
We love Charm Brushes for the high quality but super affordable brushes. The signature pink handles is also one reason for its fans all over asia. Fans include Tv personalities, make-up artists, make-up aficionados, to name a few.
As these brushes are developed by famous beauty blogger cum Make-up artist behind, you are really paying a fraction for what you would get from other big Make-up brands.
Recently released Charm Professional Black series is something to look out for.
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Dr Ci Labo Whitening products

If you are seeking for a whitening range of products which will do its job well without risking a breakout, Dr CiLabo is the answer. Being a fair beauty is not just being out of the sun, you need lighten age spots, pigmentation and old scars and to prevent them from resurfacing.

Super White 377 is highly effective on lightening dark spots and is one the biggest seller in Asia. The Photowhite C face mask is an intensive whitening treatment that not only brightens up your face in an instant, it keeps your skin properly hyydrated for many days. Used before a make-up session, it prepares skin for make-up base to glide on and stay on longer.

Everyone needs a good exfoliating treatment. We can choose expensive chemical peels, peels by machine ( crystal or diamond peel) or facial scrubs. It is important to exfoliate to remove dead skincells from causing clogged and dull skin. After using Pore White Peel, many clients who have voted this item have fewer incidences of Breakouts. Pores are cleaner resulting in a healthy pink glow.

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Lancome Teint Miracle

The never-ending search for the perfect foundation. One that suits our humid climate in Singapore or dry cold weather in London? I have personally tested the latest miracle foundation on myself in Singapore and I must say it really stays on. No streaking even when I perspire on my outdoor shoots, and the natural glow you get from the foundation promises you will not look like you actually have make-up on. It looks like you have perfect skin!
My clients who have tested this when they travel overseas for work in cold dry weather, tell me that the high water content (40% water) and rose essence continues to hydrate their skin which gives the user comfort in wearing the foundation while giving skincare benefits. The super dry cabin air in the aircraft does not worry the frequent travellers anymore as there are claims from my clients that  their skin still look dewy after an 8-12 hour flight.

 Being a Make-up Artist myself, I strongly emphasize on the importance of a good base. Once the skin is prepared correctly , whether it is the shade or application, your make-up will last and last for even as long as 24hours.

The Corrector pen is also a marvellous multi-tasker. You can contour, highlight and camouflage with this pen. Armed with this two wonderful 'AURA' base make-up, everyone can look like a Star.


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