Friday, February 5, 2010

Laneige. Skincare Recommendations!

Here are my Top #5 pick for Laneige Skincare products.
All tried and tested with excellent results!

#1 Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex.

A feather-light, leave-on gel mask applied just before bedtime. Water Sleeping
Pack Plus penetrates the skin immediately upon application; infusing it with a concentrated supply of moisture while you sleep. Skin is lustrously revitalized the next day!
Active ingredients Vitamin E Acetate (stabilised Vitamin E) protects the skin against UV damage and environmental stresses while yeast extract Toniskin encourages the skin to mend and tone itself. Bio HE, a unique ingredient derived from collagen which holds up to several hundred times its own weight in moisture, feeds the skin a continuous supply of moisture.

All skin types
80ml Retail Price : $45
Our Price : $39 ( you save $6)

#2 Water Bank Hydro Gel

The latest addition to Laneige’s best selling Water Bank line has tapped on the Swiss Alpine’s finest. Elite herbs grown naturally in glacial waters from the Swiss Alps are extracted with tremendous care and carefully mixed with the ‘Aqua SuperAction’ Novasome Capsules, along with Laneige’s already efficacious properties in the Water Bank line. A light and refreshing aqua-blue gel type moisturizer with delicate soft granules in pale blue is the result!
Despite being light, the gel is moisturizing enough to keep moisture and essential nutrients “locked” where they should. Skin is kept trouble and fatigue free as it soothes and calms. Skin experiences rejuvenation and illuminates with a natural glow. It is also especially helpful to sun damaged skin with its cooling and recovering properties.

All skin types
50ml Retail Price : $50
Our Price : $ 44 ( you save $6)

#3 Water Bank Essence

Water Bank Essence circulates moisture from deep within the skin - protecting the skin from losing moisture, while strengthening cells and preventing aging by increasing skin renewal rate. A concentrated moisturising essence with a light water texture that penetrates deep into the skin to retain moisture and restore skin’s natural luminescent glow. Protect yourself with 12 hours of powerful moisture retention and long lasting moisture care with Multi nano liposome

Water Bank Essence enhanced formulation promotes healthy and firm skin that is optimally hydrated and radiantly clear. In addition to advanced Dusali Water Science™, this water-based, light serum contains extracts of soya bean, blueberry, honey and yeast, plus shea butter. This is a product that once they’ve tried it, many will never do without. Rapidly absorbed into skin and makes rough skin supple by
removing flaky dead cells making skin moist and velvety soft.Experiments show that after just three days of using Laneige Water Bank Essence, there was an increase of 27.5% in the levels of moisture in the skin. At the end of ten days, that level had jumped to an increase of 51.79%. And not only are moisture levels increased but they are locked into the skin.

All skin types
60ml Retail Price : $60
Our Price : $52 ( you save $8)

#4 Pore Tightening Essence
A refining essence developed using specially selected thujae, clove bud and licorice extracts to effectively controls excess sebum secretion while milk protein maintains skin elasticity and promotes collagen synthesis. Exclusive porous powder provides mattifying power which is 3 times stronger than existing sebum absorbing powder for softer and smoother skin.

All skin types, especially for those with visible and big pores
35ml Retail Price ; $56
Our Price : $ 48 ( you save $8)


#5 STAR White Multi-Protector

Now STAR White™ Multi-Protector SPF40 /PA+++ completes and complements the entire STAR White™ skincare range. It’s the holistic skincare weapon showcasing Laneige’s R&D success in the battle to conquer skin-darkening and unceasing harsh environmental factors with this light milky lotion. Almost immediately, expect to radiate in flawless and luminous complexion.

Ideal for the astute busy women about town, the STAR White™ Multi-Protector SPF40 /PA+++ further enhances the 4-STAR Luminous Lightening Programme consisting STAR White™ Skin Refiner, STAR White™ Emulsion, STAR White™ Essence and STAR White™ Cream.

All skin types
70ml Retail Price : $52
Our Price : $ 46 ( you save $6)

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